View Full Version : Q: About Chankas. Do u have to buy it or how do u make this thing work?

September 1st, 2005, 22:23
Hello u guys. I would like to know if any of u know how to run the Chankas Emulator? I went to the Chankas website and I downloaded Chanka's v0.25.

The thing is that's a program that cannot be open or unzip because is not a zip file, then how do u open or install this emulator? How to u make chankas work?

One more thing i downloaded chankas from another place call "shareaza" and the file that i downloaded from there wish has everything included, and the file is call 'chankast.full.emul.dreamcast.(+.bios.+.flash.+.tu to.+.virtual.deamon.manager.+.directi9.+.cd.loader 1.1.+.1.2.+.1.3.etc!!!.rar. and the whole file is 17.3Mb
Like the other file from the chankas website, this file is not a zip file and I cannot open this particular file too.

I downloaded marvel Vs capcom 2 from there too. The file is call 'DC.-.Dreamcast.-.Marvel.vs.Capcom.2.bootable.-.[9Rars].ace and this file is 166MB and is not a zip file

September 2nd, 2005, 00:23
RAR format. You can open RAR files and some other ones with WinRAR. (http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm)