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August 13th, 2005, 23:09
Hello everyone.. My name is Ryan.. I am into tons of games.. I just wanted to say hi to everyone.. also.. does anyone know how to rip IPU files off of Ps2 games? :glare: Thanks.. Later

August 13th, 2005, 23:48
Hi welcome to EZ!

not exactly sure about the IPU thing.. sorry. :(

August 14th, 2005, 12:39
Same here......

Welcome to this forum and happy posting! :)

August 14th, 2005, 16:11
What is an IPU? :unsure:

August 14th, 2005, 17:13
well an IPU is a file on a ps2 disc but I don't know the reason you would want to extract it though...

August 14th, 2005, 20:24
What is an IPU? :unsure:

IPU files are some sort of movie files (I think) in the "movie" folder on the ps2 discs.

August 17th, 2005, 03:48
Yes.. A IPU file is a video on a PS2 video game.. but I wonder if I can convert them in to a AVI file or something.. Cause I have Smackdown! Just Bring It and Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth and the Titan Tron videos are in IPU format.. but I wonder if I can make them in to AVI to put them on a DVD.. anyone can help me here.. :( I've been looking for this stuff.. sense 2001 lol.. and I've had no luck..

September 1st, 2005, 01:42
I dont know sheet about PS2 .. I havent used one in ages.
Anyway welcome to EZ.

September 1st, 2005, 14:08
Did you tried Cube Media Player?

September 1st, 2005, 16:28
ya he did. He IMed me several times. It looks like he received his registration key for the player a few weeks after he paid for it.