View Full Version : Rock Star Stole Idea Ten Years Ago

January 9th, 2004, 07:35
This is the actual news:

December 22, 2003 - Scottish computer consultant Mark Gallagher has filed a lawsuit against Rock Star North, claiming that they stole his idea for the game a decade ago. In 1993, Gallagher showed Rock Star North (known then as DMA Design) a demonstration disc of a game that he had been working on and he claims that many of these elements went into the original Grand Theft Auto that came out in 1997.

Gallagher claims that he was interviewing with Rock Star North for a position and showed them his demo disc of his game Crime Inc. to show his skills. He never got the job and the disc was never returned to him. Rock Star North sees things in a different light and will be contending the case in Edinburgh.

Why Gallagher has waited so long to make his claim has not been announced. The games are familiar to anyone who owns a PS2 as GTA3 and GTA: Vice City have gone on to become two of the biggest sellers on the system.**