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July 15th, 2005, 17:36
Is there any N-gage emulators? Is it even possible to emulate?

i've heard of E-gage or something but i can't find anything...

also is emulating tekken 5 arcade version possible?

July 15th, 2005, 19:22
hope this helps
N-GAGE ROMS & Nokia N-Gage Emulator

The only way to play N-GAGE roms at this time is using the Nokia NGage hardware. There are no emulators that would let you play downloaded n-gage game rom files on PC. Here are some replies to Frequently Asked Questins about NG emu.

Q: Are you programming an entire emulator for N-Gage?
A: Of course not! I have discovered an emulator already created BY NOKIA for the N-Gage, but unfortunately it didn't play games.

Q: If the NGage emulator doesn't play game roms, then what is the use?
A: Of course it WILL play games, that is my goal. By rewriting scripts, searching through emulator workings, and by lots of trial and error I am slowly getting it to work. A full guide will be posted on how to use/install it eventually.

Q: Have you ever successfully played games with it?
A: Yes! But unfortunately, it didn't work for very long and then it gave me a bunch of 'corrupted data' errors. But I will continue to work until I figure it out.

Q: How big will the NGage emulator be?
A: Currently, my estimates are from 80 to 100 megs, and this is unacceptable, I know. I am working to decrease file size by removing unneccessary files, but that is a secondary goal. First priority is to get a stable, working emulator for the N-Gage.

Q: Emulators are wrong and hurt the industry as a whole! G
A: My emulator, although able to play N-Gage games from downloaded free rom files, can also be used for non-illegal applications like testing home built applications. There are legal ways to use emulators, and I have absolutely no control over what any of you people do.

July 15th, 2005, 19:38

interesting indeed....

guess we just have to wait...

thx :thumb_up:

July 15th, 2005, 23:50
thats what we are here for :D