View Full Version : Please HELP ME with metal slug 5 graphics error

April 12th, 2005, 23:35
I downloaded NeoRagex v0.9c and also downloaded the bios but I stil have a graphics error with metal slug 5, after the game begins the graphics goes crazy and I can't see very good the game. please help me :(

April 12th, 2005, 23:48
can you post a screenshot?
if not its okay just wait for someone else to post
(I just have to see what its doing before i make a suggestion)

also:i under stand the graphics go crazy but does it play sound
and can you still control the game? (i.e. run, jump,control the main menu)
it might just be your disply settings.

April 12th, 2005, 23:52
Given the fact NeoRageX v0.9c it's a hack of an old discontinued emulator, it's not a surprise.
You might be luckier with Nebula 2.23 (yes, the version matters, isn't it monty?) and create/look for a Rom dat, Kawaks 1.48 Dev, or even some unnofficial Mame around there and mslug5 should work almost flawlessly. Cleverly use google and sure you'll find that stuff ;)

Edit: Maybe this thread (http://forums.emulator-zone.com/showthread.php?t=2852&page=1&pp=10) helps you

April 13th, 2005, 00:06
go with what hagbard said
he's helped me on more than 1 occasion

April 13th, 2005, 00:50
I installed Nebula 2.23, but it doesn't seem to find mslug5. If you can help me with this one i will really apreciate it.

April 13th, 2005, 14:06
We need to know your roms file name, size and crc32 to do so. There're a Nebula romdata maker who can help a lot. I don't have the url now, look for yourself or wait till I go home.

Edit: The Generator (www.freepgs.com/iq_132/) , from the great coder & nice guy iq_132 :)

April 13th, 2005, 20:30
I got the nebula romdata maker.
How does it works? :confused:

I also got the generator but I don't know how to use it

April 13th, 2005, 23:15
I got the nebula romdata maker.
How does it works? :confused:

I also got the generator but I don't know how to use it

there are times that I feel so stupid :glare:

April 13th, 2005, 23:24
Everyone borns with nothing yet known. It's all patience and work ;).

What's the part you don't understand? To use Generator, just unzip it and open the htm file with your favorite web browser. I think it might be the crc32. Also you can see & copy the crc32 from apps like Winrar, Winzip or 7-zip. But there's an easier way to take it, probably not the best nor nice, but it's my own way. Just get any pkunzip, place it in your rom folder and type this from the command line, or in a .bat file, then hit <Enter> key:

pkunzip mslug5.zip -vn > mslug5.txt

I assume mslug5.zip it's the zip rom name, change it if needed. Open the new mslug5.txt, and you'll see something like this:

PKUNZIP (R) FAST! Extract Utility Version 2.04c 12-28-92
Copr. 1989-1992 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved. Shareware version
PKUNZIP Reg. U.S. Pat. and Tm. Off.

80486 CPU detected.
XMS version 2.00 detected.
DPMI version 0.90 detected.

Searching ZIP: MSLUG5.ZIP

Length Method Size Ratio Date Time CRC-32 Attr Name
------ ------- ----- ----- ---- ---- -------- ---- ----
8388608 DeflatX 7855193 7% 09-02-04 06:30 27d59de8 --w- 268-c1.bin
8388608 DeflatX 7846424 7% 09-02-04 06:30 e600dee1 --w- 268-c2.bin
8388608 DeflatX 7855547 7% 09-02-04 06:30 b650f098 --w- 268-c3.bin
8388608 DeflatX 7845237 7% 09-02-04 06:30 10499589 --w- 268-c4.bin
8388608 DeflatX 7854355 7% 09-02-04 06:30 19352405 --w- 268-c5.bin
8388608 DeflatN 7844202 7% 20-06-04 08:33 b1531523 --w- 268-c6.bin
8388608 DeflatX 7856282 7% 09-02-04 06:30 fe2c1338 --w- 268-c7.bin
8388608 DeflatX 7845944 7% 09-02-04 06:30 ecce3141 --w- 268-c8.bin
262144 DeflatX 65825 75% 21-05-04 10:09 88c11f51 --w- 268-m1.bin
262144 DeflatX 14626 95% 15-02-04 15:33 6866d696 --w- 268-m1d.bin
4194304 DeflatX 1013588 76% 31-12-03 17:34 d0466792 --w- 268-p1.bin
4194304 DeflatX 1112981 74% 09-12-03 20:39 fbf6b61e --w- 268-p2.bin
8388608 DeflatX 8147618 3% 31-05-04 03:06 33c6305c --w- 268-v1.bin
8388608 DeflatX 7259825 14% 31-05-04 03:06 14848c5c --w- 268-v1d.bin
8388608 DeflatX 8262629 2% 31-05-04 03:07 1afb848e --w- 268-v2.bin
8388608 DeflatX 7653677 9% 31-05-04 03:07 696cce3b --w- 268-v2d.bin
------ ------ --- -------
19576192 96333953 13% 16

Pretty much data, isn't it? Well, we only need what I marked: Length (rom file fize), CRC and Name. Note that there's one file per Rom file inside the zip. With this data, copy & paste on Generator, I think there're some info about each (new) game on the its site, look for it. Please use the Nebula dat feature, and The Generator will do the rest. Now place the rom dat file on Nebula's "romdata" subfolder, run nebula and search for new roms. Make sure mslug5.zip it's on your rom path. For more detailed, better, info & help, please use the help on Generator & the docs into its zip.

Good luck :)

April 15th, 2005, 21:37
I'm really gratefull to you hagbard
All the help you gave me was really usefull
Thankx :my_specoo

April 15th, 2005, 22:35
No problem. Make sure to enjoy ;)

June 24th, 2005, 01:11
ok, i found 2 versions of mslug5.zip on the web. type 1 is 28mb and type is 50mb

i can only load the 28mb version, but as people have already pointed out that the graphics is all screwed up on Neorage. i download Nebula 2.26 and rommaker, got it working on Nebula but the graphics is still screwed up.

does anyone actually got this game working?

June 24th, 2005, 11:31
RomDat maker, I think. Just use the other version, the NeoRageX version it's a (too much) hacked one, make a data and use a loader. Youm might like Kakwaks 1.48 dev as well. You can find them all with Google ;)

June 25th, 2005, 12:21
I doubt that ROM is made for NeoRageX if it was found screwed on graphic itself. :rolleyes:

June 25th, 2005, 16:34
It depends on which NeoRageX version are you using. You know there are a lot of crappy hacks that support mslug5.

Throw away those hacked emulators and stick with up to date cool stuff like Kawaks, Nebula or Mame

July 29th, 2005, 00:10
someone who speak spanish can translate the things that hagbad said please

July 29th, 2005, 15:47
someone who speak spanish can translate the things that hagbad said please
I think you should go to the Spanish emulation forum as this forum is English forum if you don't much understand in English. :rolleyes:

Ah well, I'm not Spanish but I'm sure hagbard would PM/translate it for you once he saw this post. :cool:

July 30th, 2005, 01:05
I found a way to fix the metal slug 5 problem so dont translate.