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December 6th, 2003, 18:39



way to brain wash your kids and teach them hate.

December 6th, 2003, 18:58
Wouldn't you rather have just one God who loves you a bunch than a bunch of gods that don't love you at all?

I love the kids bit with habu's corner, i hope there site gets hacked for that shit. :o

December 6th, 2003, 19:07
That's got to be a joke.

It gets worse the more you read.

Atheists are often very grumpy and bitter and will lash out at children or they may even try to trick you into neglecting God's Word.

Lambuel is so cute.

December 6th, 2003, 19:24
I'll go the mall to get some mint sauce.

Mmm....lamb chops. :rolleyes:

December 6th, 2003, 19:35
"Halloween: Orgy Of The Occult No More!
We as Christians can learn from the dentists: instead of seeing Halloween as a time awash in tooth-decaying decadence, dentists have used it to promote proper dental hygiene by handing out toothbrushes, floss, and sugar-free candy to children. They have taken a frown and turned it upside down."

if i had gotten a toothbrush or dental floss when i went trick or treating.... i dont think it would turn my frown upside down... i think i would put it with my fine collection of other useless crap people like this try to give you for halloween.

i remember getting a hairbrush once....

December 6th, 2003, 19:41
"Trick or Treasure?
While many Christians correctly see Halloween as a time of occult dangers - when Satan is out in force trying to corrupt our society - they overlook the fact that all things are created by the Lord for a purpose. So what is the purpose of this dark time of the year?"

OH.. MY... GOD... im fairly certian that halloween was never a holiday to worship satan or whatever.

"The word itself, "Halloween," actually has its origins in the Catholic Church. It comes from a contracted corruption of All Hallows Eve. November 1, "All Hollows Day" (or "All Saints Day"), is a Catholic day of observance in honor of saints. But, in the 5th century BC, in Celtic Ireland, summer officially ended on October 31. The holiday was called Samhain (sow-en), the Celtic New year."

i found that at http://wilstar.com/holidays/hallown.htm

December 6th, 2003, 19:51
They complain when people say bad things about christianity, but then they talk about things with such ignorance and stupidity. That they actually deserve the bashings which people give out.

December 8th, 2003, 23:19
Look at the children's artwork section. I hope the place is a joke, but I'm not sure about that.

I'm Christian by my own decision, not typically religious, and keep a very open mind towards everything, things like this really make me ill, including this wonderful illustration:


Cinnabon - Sounds like "Sin Upon".

ROFL :lol:

December 9th, 2003, 01:28
That flag picture makes me want to vomit with rage.

I was writing a fairly long post about how awful that site is, then came to the conclusion that it has to be fake.

December 9th, 2003, 02:21
Called "Mall Rats" in their nihilistic Secular culture, they can often be found hanging around malls after public school doing nothing constructive. Teens paradoxically desire to be "different" but also to fit in. Use this contradiction to your advantage by pointing out how all the people around them are "tools to Secularism" while offering them the chance to join in the Love of Christ. Emphasize "coolness" of Jesus and offer "Radical Salvation". Secularized teens usually can't read too well, so hand out colorful stickers instead of pamphlets.

lets look at that again

Secularized teens usually can't read too well, so hand out colorful stickers instead of pamphlets.

This is really, really, reeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllllly pathetic :angry:
... how come non secularized teens dont get colorful stickers?!

December 9th, 2003, 02:34

some one needs to buy one of these and send it to these people.

December 9th, 2003, 02:44
my god, thats terrible

December 9th, 2003, 03:39
Jesus was crucified


December 9th, 2003, 03:42
What??!! The people at my religious class told me that Jesus was celebrated everywhere he went and that he died peacefully in a bed of flowers while squirrels, birds, and other woodland creatures looked on in sorrow.

El Fugitivo
December 9th, 2003, 07:24
Those damn Jews and Negroes and Ayrabs willed him to death by thinking bad thoughts about him.

December 9th, 2003, 07:26
I was taught that one too.

December 9th, 2003, 07:30
What about the one where Jesus farted and thats how Black people were made?

Although historically incorrect, I still find it the most scientific thing to come out of Hustler.

El Fugitivo
December 9th, 2003, 07:40
Ugh, that makes me sick. To even imply, let alone explicitly state, that Jesus had anything to do with those Negroes is just wrong. Besides, everyone knows that they were the Lord our God's first (failed) attempt at making people; a practice run, if you will.

The Hedgehog
December 9th, 2003, 12:37
I want a new avatar but the forums are gay and won't allow .swf images.

Fuck you My Controls, fuck you.

December 9th, 2003, 13:45
Swf files could have sound, right?
That could get messy.

December 9th, 2003, 17:36
Originally posted by KidneyKai@Dec 9 2003, 01:45 PM
Swf files could have sound, right?
That could get messy.
Hey KK, remember " Listen all you mother fuckers " .... or not?

December 9th, 2003, 20:51
Yeah, i remember that from the abandoned-outpost. B)

December 9th, 2003, 21:04
Heh, so do I. I was quite confused for a couple of minutes.

"Where the hell is that sound coming from????11!"

March 5th, 2009, 22:40
oh shit i was crackin up at them dumb sites :)

my parents used to be some religious fanatics catholic or some crap

trust me them people got bare tactics and shit worked out to brainwash young kids, like they tried it on me and my brother when we were 10/8

March 5th, 2009, 23:12
Some major gravedigging....