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December 6th, 2003, 18:01
at my highschool we have computers with both novell's crap and some really stupid web filtering system called bess. being the geek that i am (and im proud of it) i have found all kinds of ways to mess with novell and webfilters of anykind really. i dont recomend you screw around with anything because they can prety much track everything you do but heres some interesting stuff.

If you cant get to certin drives in the computer (C:\ for example) there are manyways to do it.

go to internet explorer or whatever browser they have and type in c:command.com or c:\command.com and it will bring up a dos prompt. from the prompt you can just type in explorer.

if this dosnt work you can open notepad and tell it to go to c:\. most likely it wont be an option so you have to type it in. right click on what you want and select open.

another way is to use powerpoint. create a button and link it to a url. type in c:\ and it should open up the explorer.

another thing is you can access the safemode of the computer and alot of the time the novell shell is off.

Web Filters
use the dos prompt and use the ping command. you can only use it with the homepage of the site. for instance if you wanted to go to www.emulator-zone.com you would type in- ping www.emulator-zone.com . it gives you the ip address of the site. if the webfilter is really stupid you can copy and paste this in the adress bar and it will take you there.

the easiest way to get passed a web filter is to use a translation site. freetranslation.com and babelfish are good ones. tell one of these you want to translate a webpage and make it translate it from (X=other language) x to english.
more than 80% of the time this works for me.

i used to know how to take the novell shell off but i have forgotten how. in some *.ini file somewhere all you do is add a ";" to this line that says novell shell
so it looks like novell shell ;; .

these things arnt really hacking, there just ways to get around annoying use of school computers. I have never harmed a computer and i dont recomend you do because they can track you easily.

December 6th, 2003, 18:16
I agree.

December 6th, 2003, 18:21
Ah nice....We've got the same program at my school.

December 7th, 2003, 02:42
Heh, Gosia, I thought of the same thing with the web filters at our school. I was thinking if a site used frames, like babelfish does, then it would let you view the site you're translating. Sadly it doesn't work for ours. I did find however that if you were to type "http://www.sex..com" that it would redirect to the right site. (Notice the two dots) That didn't last long, they found out about the flaw.


Windows Operating Systems

All you have to do is boot up in safe mode. Some schools password protect BIOS editing, so just hit F8 when booting up. A menu should pop up after which lets you choose a start up method.

After Windows is done starting up go to the Foolproof folder, it is located at C:\Sss by default. I like to delete everything inside it except for the execution file, this way it takes a bit longer for people to realise it's gone. That's because all of the icons still show up.

Restart and enjoy.

Apple Operating Systems

Hold the space bar the entire time during start up. A window should pop up with a bunch of programs that the computer loads when you logon, uncheck everything with Foolproof in the name.

December 7th, 2003, 03:35
gosia- anymore novell tricks? we use that crap at school and its fun to mess with (we put unreal tourny demo's onto the comps/servers and play network games)

December 7th, 2003, 07:09
when i was a lonely school boy without a girl friend (these were the best times of my life) i figured alot of this stuff out... i havnt really played with it in a long time... but i do know one other thing that might be of some use to some people. this may go for every schools system but probably not. your luch # if you have 1 is usually the last 5 digits of your social security #. thank got it isnt the whole thing but 5 digits is bad enough in my oppinion. our school also usues it as the password to get into our log in names (though the smarter kids change it).

you know that crappy messenger that teachers use to instant message one another? if you dont look around for a weird program in c:\novell\system files (or something like that) whats funny is it lets you look at all kinds of crap about any login name in that network.. if your network is connected from county to county you can probably also veiw information about anyone in your area! (i cant confirm this) the most important thing that it will display is usually whatever there lunch # is. JUST WHAT YOU NEED! MORE PLASTIC FOOD FROM THE LUNCH ROOM!

at my school they plant little bugs that load automatacly to view what your doing. just hit ctrl alt delete and close everything that isnt explorer and novell.

if your planting some kind of file your afraid someone will look at enter into the bios when the computer starts and change the system time. whatever you do will have the incorrect time. now log onto the library or public login and do whatever. your now untrackable really.

if anyone knows anything special about novell i would really like to know about it!

so says the novell ninja :ph34r:

December 7th, 2003, 07:33
putting shit onto the C drive (thru the ways you mentioned) makes stuff untrackable. and really they can only see you files on their server and where you go through IE i think. at our school you can login anonomously by entering OPAC as username (no password). my super nerd friend made a program which does everything (its own versions of IE, word, PP, etc...) and all activity is untrackable through the server. it even goes past "banned" websites

December 7th, 2003, 17:09
!!! if this is true please email it to me !!!
You know that list that says all the things you cant do in the computer lab?
i like to go down it and check off what i can do :lol:

December 8th, 2003, 01:13
unfortunately ive just finished year 10 (compulsory schooling) but in like 2 months ill be back at school. i will try to get ahold of this program, made in visual basic (ill post up the code). playing with novell is fun, especially when the rest of your class are like "how do we copy in excel?"