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December 6th, 2003, 05:30
xz EROStAR: sup homes
YourDadRapesCats: drey's eyes are like paper dragon eyes
YourDadRapesCats: you know
YourDadRapesCats: stuck in a violent pose
xz EROStAR: yea
YourDadRapesCats: for all eternity
YourDadRapesCats: god.
YourDadRapesCats: what the fuck is that?
YourDadRapesCats: why does her eyes look like that
YourDadRapesCats: ?
YourDadRapesCats: drey = dave gram spice
xz EROStAR: i havnt seen a picture
xz EROStAR: bloo bla bloo bla blee blee blee
YourDadRapesCats: i have one now
YourDadRapesCats: shit.
YourDadRapesCats: i love this feeling.
YourDadRapesCats: this comedown feeling.
YourDadRapesCats: i don't wnat to come down though.
YourDadRapesCats: being with out this is so horrible.
xz EROStAR: dood just smoke a cigarette or two
YourDadRapesCats: I don't have any.
xz EROStAR: oh
YourDadRapesCats: but damn, being with out the feeling you know, that you can actually look at yourself from the outside.
YourDadRapesCats: being with out that introspection hurts.

Ill post more junkie convos when I get the chance

Discuss junkies, and how they are sad

December 6th, 2003, 05:58
ShutUpGirlPants: so, what is your drug of choice again?
YourDadRapesCats: DXM
ShutUpGirlPants: Why? Didnt you say it tastes bad?
YourDadRapesCats: yes
YourDadRapesCats: pills
ShutUpGirlPants: what kind of a feeling do you get? Describe the experience please
YourDadRapesCats: right now
YourDadRapesCats: it reminds me of opiates
YourDadRapesCats: this is the comedown
YourDadRapesCats: becasue i threw it up
ShutUpGirlPants: comedown?
YourDadRapesCats: i cannot fucking not do this
YourDadRapesCats: i have to get some more
ShutUpGirlPants: whats that? like, your drifting away from the high?
ShutUpGirlPants: the comedown
YourDadRapesCats: yeah
YourDadRapesCats: comedown
YourDadRapesCats: think about it
YourDadRapesCats: comedown off the trip
ShutUpGirlPants: ok
ShutUpGirlPants: I get ya
ShutUpGirlPants: its in cough syrup too
ShutUpGirlPants: could you die from too much DXM?
ShutUpGirlPants: OD?
YourDadRapesCats: yeah
YourDadRapesCats: 2 grams or so
ShutUpGirlPants: ON 2 grams you could OD....holy
YourDadRapesCats: yeah
ShutUpGirlPants: are you going to buy some DXM tomorrow?
YourDadRapesCats: psosibly
YourDadRapesCats: possibly
YourDadRapesCats: tomorrow?
YourDadRapesCats: i wish
ShutUpGirlPants: how much is it a gra,
ShutUpGirlPants: gram*
YourDadRapesCats: fuck
YourDadRapesCats: it's umm
YourDadRapesCats: $20 for 5 grams
ShutUpGirlPants: that cheap????!?!
ShutUpGirlPants: holy, thats cheaper than fucking pot, and 10 times as deadly!
ShutUpGirlPants: the drug of choice indeed
YourDadRapesCats: yeah
YourDadRapesCats: $60 for 15 grams though
YourDadRapesCats: so i go through like
YourDadRapesCats: yeah
ShutUpGirlPants: where do you get it?
ShutUpGirlPants: dealers
ShutUpGirlPants: or like
ShutUpGirlPants: pharmacies
YourDadRapesCats: online.
ShutUpGirlPants: oh
YourDadRapesCats: desdemona sent me some
ShutUpGirlPants: lmao
ShutUpGirlPants: she does it?
ShutUpGirlPants: heh
YourDadRapesCats: no
ShutUpGirlPants: oh
YourDadRapesCats: she tried it once
YourDadRapesCats: and hated it
ShutUpGirlPants: hah
YourDadRapesCats: she has mental rpoblems
YourDadRapesCats: *problems
YourDadRapesCats: not insanity or anyhting
ShutUpGirlPants: !!!
YourDadRapesCats: just depression
YourDadRapesCats: i think
ShutUpGirlPants: cool
ShutUpGirlPants: well
YourDadRapesCats: god man
YourDadRapesCats: this stuff is so great for me
YourDadRapesCats: it changes how i feel about things
YourDadRapesCats: allows me to function
YourDadRapesCats: but it seems to only affect me this way.
YourDadRapesCats: i can actually get out of my own head for once
ShutUpGirlPants: whoa
ShutUpGirlPants: that sounds interestring
ShutUpGirlPants: What would happen if I took this stuff for the first time?
ShutUpGirlPants: like
YourDadRapesCats: actually yo will feel out of your body
ShutUpGirlPants: you know, the experience
ShutUpGirlPants: cool
YourDadRapesCats: you may feel heavy, possibly nauseated
YourDadRapesCats: those after images from staring at lights
ShutUpGirlPants: tracer effect?
YourDadRapesCats: will appear in the darkness all on their own
ShutUpGirlPants: whoa
YourDadRapesCats: and will take different forms
YourDadRapesCats: you might even get vivid mental images
YourDadRapesCats: yeah
ShutUpGirlPants: seems fun
ShutUpGirlPants: do any of your family know about this
ShutUpGirlPants: or friends
YourDadRapesCats: friends yeah
YourDadRapesCats: be careful with it
ShutUpGirlPants: Aint trying it, sounds evil

This young man lives in Tenesee, is 18, and his name is Jon. Jon has his high school degree, and doesnt go to College. Instead, he spends his days on the internet playing guitar, and doing DXM, a substance thats used in Cough syrup. He smokes nail polish too, he says its like cocaine

Heres another one about GHB:

xz EROStAR: i wanna try ghb
YourDadRapesCats: makes me think of barbs
ShutUpGirlPants: whats ghb
xz EROStAR: its a drug that effects the release of Dopeamine in the brain
xz EROStAR: its like liquid ecstasy
xz EROStAR: if you can imagine a combination of alcohol and ecstasy
YourDadRapesCats: i hear its more like
YourDadRapesCats: a depressant
xz EROStAR: it is a depresent but its supposed to be like the ultimate euphoric expireince
xz EROStAR: and it realy doesnt give you a hangover
xz EROStAR: but they say a capful is like taking 4 drinks of alcohol
YourDadRapesCats: cool
xz EROStAR: damnit
xz EROStAR: i burnt my garlic bread
xz EROStAR: it tastes like shit
YourDadRapesCats: i'm sorry
YourDadRapesCats: i really am
YourDadRapesCats: sandy gave me a hint on garlic bread.
ShutUpGirlPants: what does GHB stand for
YourDadRapesCats: i forget.
xz EROStAR: gamma-hydroxybutyrate
ShutUpGirlPants: could you get it in a perscription store
ShutUpGirlPants: is it used in any kind of perscription drugs?
YourDadRapesCats: it's illegal now.
ShutUpGirlPants: prescription*
xz EROStAR: yea it used to be a drug used for people with narcoleptsy SP?
ShutUpGirlPants: oh
YourDadRapesCats: yeah
YourDadRapesCats: hasn't been ilelgal long
YourDadRapesCats: *illegal
xz EROStAR: i know that england still perscribes it
YourDadRapesCats: i had a K contact in australia
YourDadRapesCats: he was going to send me some
YourDadRapesCats: never got back to me with the prices
xz EROStAR: actualy the thing is your body has natural ghb
xz EROStAR: and depending on what signals your brain sends is how much of it gets realesed

December 6th, 2003, 12:28
question: whats with the instructions for the thread at the bottom of your posts in bold?

John Regular
December 29th, 2003, 18:12
you suck and posting conversations with people that are better than you is gay.

fuck off and die, N.