View Full Version : Anyone play Dark Wizard? Having a game problem.

March 19th, 2005, 15:42
Hello all.

- I have downloaded the ROM for Dark Wizard (there is only one version of this ROM from what I have seen), which is an ISO file.

- I have downloaded all three BIOS files (US, JA, EU), including two different versions.

- I am using GENS 211, with the latest standard version.

The game is initializing successfully, and I am able to play the first map. After I kill the "boss" of the first map, the game goes to the "victory" screen where Aracna tells you "from now on you will be dealing with the four minions directly". When the dialogue is over, NOTHING HAPPENS. The music continues to play over and over, but I cant do anything. Its almost as if the game freezes. There is NO response with any of the buttons on my keyboard.

In other words, the game wont let me get past the first map.

Am I missing something? Is there a secret button I need to press to continue? Is there something I have to do? Is it a configuration problem I have with GENS? Or is it a software problem, such as a corrupt ISO file?

I have tried to play the first board numerous times, with numerous leaders - and the outcome is all the same.

I remember 12 years ago having a problem playing Dark Wizard when I first got it - but I dont remember what exactly it was. I could be wrong, but I think I was having this same problem with the actual Sega CD version. Like I said it was a real long time ago so I dont remember.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Your help is greatly appreciated...

March 20th, 2005, 22:31
I have tried a few more things to see if this was a software issue...

- Tried both workable US BIOS files (us_scd2_9306 and us_scd1_9210).

- I have tried THREE different emulators (Gens 2.11, Kega 0.04b, Fusion 3.2).

- I tried two different ROMS that I got from two seperate web sites. Unfortunately I believe they are both the exact same ISO. To my knowledge, there is only one ROM version of this game available on the internet. I have only seen one ISO.

- I have played the first map in both Normal and Easy mode.

I am still getting nothing after I kill the Warlord on the second map. After the dialogue screen, it just hangs there. Music continues to cycle through, but nothing else happens.

I am almost convinced it is a corrupt ISO. I may have the emulator configured wrongly, but I doubt it because I tried three different types. I cant see it being an in game issue, unless I am missing something. Anyone in here ever play Dark Wizard? Anyone get beyond the first map without problems?

I am getting desperate, and will offer a cash reward for anyone that can help me out. I will either pay for a working ROM of this game, or will pay for someone that can help me fix the problem. Payment will be made via PayPal. I am not in the mood to go out and buy the actual game along with an actual Sega CD just for this.

Any help is greatly appreciated....

March 21st, 2005, 05:39
I figured it out. You have to select "Perfect Synchro" under the CPU menu. Thanks for the help.

March 31st, 2005, 02:11

March 31st, 2005, 15:58
I figured it out. You have to select "Perfect Synchro" under the CPU menu. Thanks for the help.

lol we didnt really do anything :happy: gj on getting it to work though i never would have made that conclusion.

November 1st, 2005, 16:14
Ok, so this fix worked for my brother, but Gens won't work on my system. I can only get sound from the bios, itself, but not once the rom is running. Then it hangs at the title screen when I choose either New Game or Options. This doesn't happen on Kega Fusion, but Fusion hangs after the first battle, as per the previous problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, my specs: P4 3.2GHz, 1.5GB RAM, WinXP Pro SP1, Radeon 9600, SBLive 24-bit sound. I have tried every sound config option I could find, and have come to the conclusion that the lack of sound is merely a symptom, not the issue. Oh, and all music files ARE correctly named and placed with the iso, and all of it is run from the HD.

April 5th, 2010, 00:56
i cant get dark wizard to work on gen or fusion, it keeps say i need to confg bios, i dont know what to do. can any one help me plz