View Full Version : Upscaling with ERSGAN!!

February 23rd, 2019, 06:27
Just want to bring to the attention of this sub that there's already a handful of upscaled texture packs available for some GameCube games that you can try out at the moment on Dolphin. Check here.

For those out of loop, ERSGAN is basically a machine learning technique that can be trained to upscale low resolution images into higher resolutions. The AI is trained by comparing low-res images to their high-res counterparts. The AI is then asked to generate a high-res image from a low-res one using what it has previously learned. Based on what I've seen, it works very well with not too low-res images, but can sometimes produce mind-blowing good results from almost nothing. Check this thread for samples. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for old gen consoles (pre N64) that use pixel art, but nevertheless, its implications are massive.