View Full Version : Game Problem: Super Mario Sunshine Not Allowing Actions

June 3rd, 2017, 15:33
So, I just recently got =Super Mario Sunshine loaded into my Dolphin Emulator. My xbox controller doesn't work, but I don't even know if I set it up correctly. This isn't my issue though. After I get past the first cutscene of the plane, it goes to the main menu and tells me to press start. I hit enter (because apparently that's start ;)), and then it brings me to the save screen and all of that. However, it asks me if I want to create a save game on the Memory Card in Slot A. I hit the left arrow key to get to Yes and hit enter (actually, I hit every single button on my keyboard), and nothing works. So, as I type this, I am stuck in a continuous loop of Mario Snoring and some type of Hawaiian music that is slowly driving me crazy. Any way I can fix this?

GTX 1080
The file is located on an external hard drive
16GB Ram

Right now, the Slot A under gamecube in config is set to GCI Folder, because memory card wasn't working (presumably because I don't have a memory card inserted, but I have no idea; I'm new to this emulator stuff).

June 5th, 2017, 20:21
In dolphin after you map a button you can test it. So controller or keyboard, just define all keys to something. Once every key has a define your are good to go.

After mapping, press that key or button and the red indicate lights up on that defined key.