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February 28th, 2005, 01:53
The MSX Emulator Comparison (http://www.msx.org/articlepage8.html) is a thorough back-to-back comparison of 12 different MSX emulators for Windows. Each emulator is rated according to its accuracy, sound-quality, useability and the amount of features it has to offer. In this new edition of the comparison, the latest versions of fMSX (http://www.msx.org/articlepage11.html), M.E.S.S. (http://www.msx.org/articlepage22.html) and RuMSX (http://www.msx.org/articlepage19.html) were put to the test, to find out how these emulators compare to blueMSX (http://www.msx.org/articlepage12.html), fMSX-SDL (http://www.msx.org/articlepage13.html), fMSXSO (http://www.msx.org/articlepage14.html), NO$MSX (http://www.msx.org/articlepage55.html), openMSX (http://www.msx.org/articlepage16.html), ParaMSX (http://www.msx.org/articlepage18.html), Zodiac (http://www.msx.org/articlepage20.html) and the official, legal MSX Emulator MSXPLAYer (http://www.msx.org/articlepage23.html).

In the 1980s and early 1990s the MSX computer platform gained huge popularity in Japan and large parts of Europe and South-America. Many popular game developers, such as Konami, Square, Falcom and Microcabin released a wide range of classic games on MSX, such as Metal Gear, Final Fantasy 1, Puyo Puyo and Vampire Killer (Castlevania). Emulation makes it possible to run these and many other classic MSX games on any modern PC. More information on MSX can be found at the MSX Resource Center (http://www.msx.org/).

Relevant link: MSX Emulator Comparison (http://www.msx.org/articlepage8.html)