View Full Version : what the hell is a ftp server or ftp website?

February 22nd, 2005, 13:53
yeh so wot is an ftp server

and dus any1 herew watch ultimate musclke if yes wer can u download it from!

February 22nd, 2005, 13:55
FTP is File Transfer Protocol. Is the same protocol you use to upload or download your files.

Excuse my dumbness, but... What the hell is "Ultimate Muscle"?

February 22nd, 2005, 14:24
u seriously dont know woy ultimate muscle is????, i suggest goin 2 www.tvome.com and write down ultimate muscle some where itll tell u wot it is

and 4 the ftp server thingamajig is there any specific ftp server wer u can download anime

February 22nd, 2005, 14:40
I dunno.

February 22nd, 2005, 20:10
y dont u jus record it off cartoon network or wotever channel u get it on.

February 23rd, 2005, 15:51
cos sad truth is i dont hav toonami ......