View Full Version : Chankast Street Fighter III

zhou wua tsien
February 18th, 2005, 22:15
Ok, I have two games that I want to play on the Chankast.

One is Street Fighter III Third Strike
and the other is
Street Fighter III W Impact

I am running Daemon Tools 347
Chankast Alpha .25
I have tried running the Capcom Hack

I have a Bios and Flash, although I'm not sure which version, the bios loads blue instead of orange.
Using NTSC and VGA

ATI based video Card 32mb, 'basic dell inspiron'
2.4ghz 768mb RAM
Clean machine, no excess programs
XP Pro

tried Zwrite, Zwrite alpha


I load the CCD for w Impact, then the Bios resets
I load the CCD for 3rd strike, then I get a blue screen and crashes


I load the IMG for w Impact, then the Bios loads it as a music CD
I load the IMG for 3rd strike, Daemon tools tells me that it's not a valid IMG, yet if I load the CCD it shows me all the folders and programs in the IMG.

I've read up on the forums for over a week now, this wil be the first time I ever post on a forums for answers. I've tried to make the CDs Selfboot, to no avail. I can't find a program that doesn't require me to have ASPI drivers because I'm running on XP, when I try to install ASPI drivers, I get an error screen.

I've tried using a Utopia CD in order to load the games, but instead they just lock.


I am looking for someone to help guide me step by step on...
-Self booting DC CDs
-Finding valid tools to run Chankast
-Point out something I might be missing.