View Full Version : 25 Xenomorphs VS. 10,000 Stormtroopers and Darth Vader

December 13th, 2013, 03:05
Now the aliens include 10 Face Huggers and 15 Adult Xenomorphs and Darth Vader can use any attacks from any comic, movie, etc.

January 28th, 2014, 00:34
Weren't the Storm Troopers the guys that wore red suits and died all the time in Wartrek Galactica?

If the Stormtroopers get Dark Vaper why don't the Xenos get the Queen?

February 28th, 2014, 03:32
I hate to say it but darth vador and the troopers would win. Xenomorphs are susceptible to weapons

August 5th, 2015, 11:00
what are you trying to say i didn't understand..