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November 19th, 2003, 09:40
Okay, so I finally got the bare minimum I wanted onto the site and integrated the news section from the forum into there. Right now it&#39;s a pretty lonely place and I sometimes feel like I&#39;m speaking to myself, but hopefully I&#39;ll spam it up nice over the next few months.

Feedback, suggestions, participation would be appreciated. I&#39;m trying to make it into a group project and team effort thing but I need interest from people that are not me or my alter ego for this thing to work.


November 19th, 2003, 09:55
I really like it, except, the image for the navigation bar looks a bit difficult to the eyes.

November 19th, 2003, 10:57
The site needs a lot of work, but I don&#39;t know why it appears to be better.

Hope you give it a nicer look afterwards.

November 19th, 2003, 12:38
Porn, the navbar is temporarysince I will be replacing the whole top graphic with a flash navigation scheme. I just have not had the time to finish the flash.

MHAQS, I&#39;m keeping the grayscale color scheme if that is what you mean. The site will be minimalist in design and functionality. So don&#39;t expect something overly elaborate or ornate.

It would help to be a little more specific about what you don&#39;t like (like pornography&#39;s comments on the navbar being hard to read and yucky).

Jet Set Willy
November 19th, 2003, 12:45
I like Talocan.

November 19th, 2003, 16:19
So do I.

November 19th, 2003, 16:24
<><>, from what I&#39;ve seen some links that use SSI plus don&#39;t work well. Double check that if you can.

November 19th, 2003, 16:49
The only place I have ssi plus working right now is in the news section, which seemed to work fine (but that&#39;s just me speaking). I&#39;d be glad to look into it if you&#39;d let me know which section (for example) you were having problems in.

November 19th, 2003, 18:52
When I click your name in the news items I do not see your profile, I get errors.

El Fugitivo
November 19th, 2003, 19:45
I really like it, you can expect plenty of reviews and participation from me.

November 19th, 2003, 23:12
Thanks Spiff, I really would love that. The whole concept lies on the basis that there is enough people that get interested in it to make the place their own and speak their minds.

I hopefully will have the &#39;provisionally final&#39; navigation flash file done tomorrow. I&#39;m curious to see what you will think of it. Personally I could do the entire site in flash since I can hold my own with that and I suck at html (takes me too long to do what I want). But I&#39;m not too fond of full flash sites because of compatibility issues.

Nice spot on the profiles Lefteris. I hadn&#39;t even checked those out. I&#39;ll get that patched up tomorrow.

November 20th, 2003, 13:57
Ok-Hay&#33; Update: Put in the flash navigation bar. And fixed the broken ssiplus links to the profiles (thanks lefteris).

I know i&#39;m really abusing the "spam is allowed here" feature of this forum but hey....

What do you think of the flash nav bar? I have two variants.

The one that is up there which is heavier in filesize (340k)
and another one which is lighter in filesize (229k)

The only difference between these is the fact that the lighter one does not have the "noise expansion and button fade in" animation sequence that happens on page load. Not much of a feature but DOES attract attention to the bar and make it a little more evident that it is a navbar with buttons.

Should I keep this one or swap it with the lighter one?

Feedback? =)

November 20th, 2003, 22:25
I really like the new nav bar, awesome work.