View Full Version : SNES9x 1.43 Released!

January 2nd, 2005, 09:51
The "new year" release of SNES9x is here as well. Here is the (huge) changelog: Win32: Disabled Netplay (funkyass)
Win32: Various fixes, including ROM dialog (funkyass)
Win32: New Input Config Dialog (funkyass)
Win32: added .avi output feature (blip)
Win32: fixed frame timings >100ms, added frame advance (blip)
Rewrote Unfreeze, renamed it S9xUnfreezeFromStream, failing to load a freeze file no longer resets emulation (blip)
Fixed Unfreeze to restore IPPU.HDMA properly (blip)
Rewrote OBC1 code to match the real chip (Overload)
More updates the to DSP-1 code, fixes to projection (Overload, Andreas Naive)
Unix/X11: Rewrote keyboard setup code (Bisqwit)
Added movie recording+rerecording support (blip, Bisqwit)
Added -hidemenu CLI switch (funkyass)
fixed broken Win32 filters (lantus)
Added internal support for emulating the new-style SNES (MKendora)
Cleaned up many quirks of the cheat search engine (MKendora, Don Vincenzo)
Fix mosaic in hires SNES modes (Tokimeki Memorial) (MKendora, zones)
Rewrote Legend's hack, added another game to it (MKendora)
Optimized the Open ROM dialog (MKendora)
Rewrote the Seta DSP map (The Dumper, MKendora)
Began string isolation for the UI, eases translation (funkyass)
added -nopatch -nocheat, and -cheat CLI items (MKendora)
fixed a UI typo (funkyass)
fixed several C core stack ops in emulation mode (MKendora)
split emulation mode ops from native mode ops (MKendora)
Seta special chip emulation enhancements (Feather, The Dumper, Overload, MKendora)
code tweaks to the ST010 (Nach, pagefault)
fix some C/asm quirks and HDMA quirks (all my fault) (MKendora)
several timing hacks to fix games (lantus)
improved checksumming for odd mirrorings (MKendora)
Snes9x uses a standard zlib instead of a packaged one (PBortas)
Exhaust Heat 2 and regional ports are playable (Feather, The Dumper, Overload, MKendora)
Game Doctor dumps that are 24 Mbit are now supported by a force option (MKendora, Nach)
SuperFx interleave format is now considered deprecated. Support will be removed in future versions (Team decision)
made SuperFx interleave detection a compile option (MKendora)
added memory maps for slotted games (MKendora)
fixed a typo in the usage messages (MKendora)
fixed the bug that had nuked optimizations (The Dumper)
restored full speed optimizations in release builds (funkyass)
Added non-speed-hack version of color subtraction. (zones)
OpenGL info message font fix (zones)
APU timer fix (zones, Nach)
Fixed mouse offset in resized X11 window. (PhaethonH)
Fixed a (presumably) long-standing bug: Mode 6's BG is depth 4, not depth 8! (anomie)
Unix: unmap all joystick buttons before applying -joymapX (anomie)
Win32: added a define to disable pausing when focus is lost, NOPAUSE (funkyass)
Win32: Changed the default for Auto-save SRAM to 15 sec (funkyass)
Dreamcast: Added SH4 assembler (PBortas, Marcus Comstedt, Per Hedbor)
C90 and aclocal 1.8 warning fixes (thanks Ville SkyttοΏ (PBortas)
Unix: AMD64 compilation fixes. (PBortas)
Added support for NSRT Team's JMA format (Nach, NSRT Team, funkyass)
Unix: Loading a zip file on binaries without zip support will give an appropriate error message (Nach)
Unix: Added install target with proper --prefix handling. (PBortas)You can get the new version from here (http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/snes/snes9x.html).

Let's hope this is not the last update for today :-)