View Full Version : Using Android phone as joystic for PC

November 5th, 2012, 21:54
First of all, Hi! And .. sorry for my english. :)

Well, what do you think about using your phone as game joystic for PC , which would use phone touchscreen, accelerometer, magnetic sensor for really good simulation ( i might say even Better) of joystick ?It would have like 3 or 4 axises, as you wish many buttons, sliders, etc. You can connect it via Bluetooth or Wifi to your PC and play in cool games all sorts of kind. Wouldn't it be great ?

Well, I thought so about half a year ago. And only now I've finally made it. Virtual joystick on Android for PC! 4joy Remote Controller !
For now it has 3 differents layouts with different controls (further will be more) . To launch it you just need install android client, pc server and establish connection between them.

You can find 4joy server and client on Google Play (sorry, I can't give you direct link to it ).Just search for 4joy, if you interested in it.

Yeah, and of course it is FREE! Only a small ad at the bottom of main screen and no ad in joysticks) - doesn't affect gameplaying at all. It doesn't contain viruses or something else - even if your antivirus told you so - it only contain unsigned driver(in PC version) which works perfectly - that's all.)

SO, you can use it to play in console games - like with real joystick, or in PC games such as football(like joy with analog stick), racing (like steering wheel) , Flight emulators ( well, to good to be true - not yet availiable).

So, anyone who can and want to test it - download, test , disasseble - do whatever you want, just don't forget to click on fancy ad and rate button), and leave your comments if you have any problem or suggestion)

UPD. You need Android os v 2.1 or higher. On PC Windows Xp/ Vista/ 7/ probably 8 works too
UPD2 It has'n been tested on x64 Win , but it definitely works on 32 (x86) systems.
UPD3 For now it works only via Bluetooth, so you will need it.