View Full Version : Emulator Sites Gone Down

December 25th, 2004, 00:21
http://pj64.emulation64.com/iedefault.htm Is Down (Not that it was updated often)

http://vba.ngemu.com/ Wont Access

http://www.zsnes.com/ Wont work either

Just thought id let you know it could be my internet playing up again ever since i switched to 512 ADSL it went stupid sometimes

Let me know ;) Merry Christmas (To All That Have It Yet :p )

December 25th, 2004, 00:31
Yep, I have noticed it when I was going to find a N64 plugin :(

December 25th, 2004, 00:34
Yep, I have noticed it when I was going to find a N64 plugin :(

I Wonder why they've gone down, they weren't illegal unless they close for xmas :p

December 25th, 2004, 00:39
Mmm... maybe, let's wait for tomorrow :sleep:

December 25th, 2004, 01:30
Don't worry, it was probably a server issue or something.

Btw, this thread should NOT be in the feedback forum. Moved.

December 25th, 2004, 06:39
OK people, the sites are back to normal.

December 25th, 2004, 07:41
We should have a thread so that everyone can post when any website goes down, then people can check to see if the site that they just visited is actually down, and not fake-down (a growing problem on Interweb Island).

The thread can also contain posts on when you ate dinner or if you spotted a mole in the park.

December 27th, 2004, 14:06
now i cant get to

Anyone else having this problem

December 27th, 2004, 14:18
works for me

December 27th, 2004, 21:26
A lot of sites, including Zophar's Domain, are hosted by these guys:

Since they put multiple sites on one server, if one of those servers goes down,
multiple sites are affected. But only temporarily of course...

December 27th, 2004, 21:29
Far out I went the the http://www.ztnet.com/ they haven't updated in years