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April 19th, 2011, 23:43
hey guys, just a short question i couldnt answer with searching..
can i use a playstation 1/2 controller as a pad for playing emulated gamecube games? im using dolphin.

second issue, i downloaded zelda: the windwaker to look if i can run it on my pc, and it worked fine, except for a freeze i encountered after 3-4 minutes of playing. the graphics freezed, but the game still progressed and reacted to keyboard input. does this just happen, or do i have a problem?
additionally, the game said, when i created a memory card file, that the mem card was corrupted and it had to be reformated (smth like that). yeah, i can save anytime with the usual save states, but isnt this a problem too?

hope someone can answer all these questions :)

April 20th, 2011, 23:41
at least the first one? ;O

April 21st, 2011, 05:53
Having no experience with using a PS 1/2 controller, I would venture to guess that it should work just fine as long as your computer recognizes it. I recently bought an N64 Controller USB Adapter so I could play N64 games on the original controllers. All I had to do was calibrate the controller by going to 'Game Controllers' in Start > Control Panel (this makes sure your computer recognizes the controller), then in my emulator I found the options where I could map my controller to certain buttons. As long as Windows recognizes your controller (you calibrated it in the Control Panel) and it has full functionality, then you should be able to map the Gamecube controller buttons to your PS 1/2 controller. Of course, I have no experience with Dolphin, but I've mapped controls to my controllers for both N64 emulators and SNES emulators, so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to in Dolphin. If your PS 1/2 controller came with software for installing it on your computer, use that to calibrate it. If not then your Control Panel calibration should be good enough.

As to your other questions, I really don't know what to say about the freezing problem besides the fact that emulators can be really really buggy. Or it can be an issue with the rom. If there are other Gamecube emulators you may want to test those out to see how well they run. Just the other day Perfect Dark 64 had a loading issue and I'm still trying to figure out how to fix that problem, but that's how emulators are -- a bit buggy.

Third question: There might be ways to change the memory card saving function in the emulator menu to make it work better, but save states (the saving any time function) works just fine; unless, of course, you choose to switch emulators. Save states are great for saving progress at any time, and are a whole lot better than the regular saves inherent in the old games. However, the save state of one emulator can only be opened in that emulator (at least that's the case with my N64 emulators). Moving between emulators requires you to have saved your games in the game, since then it's saved to a file format that should be native to the Gamecube file format and therefore accessible via all Gamecube emulators. Bottom line, from my experience, save states work fine if you're just sticking with one emulator.

Hopefully someone with more experience on Dolphin can help you out, but that's just my two cents.

April 21st, 2011, 20:24
thanks, these 2 cents are pretty helpful ^^
i hope the emulator is as flexible as you say.. i already found this pad configuration in dolphin, but its called X360 Pad, so i got a little confused, i thought it might be just for x box controllers. but i guess it will work fine.
these freezing issues.. i guess its just a matter of safety. you just have to get used to saving every 3-4 minutes and reload in case it freezes.. a bit annoying, but an affordable effort to play gc games again :)
anyway, thank you :D

April 22nd, 2011, 04:59
Dolphin only accepts input from Atari Pong paddle controllers.

April 23rd, 2011, 10:48
youre kidding, right?

April 23rd, 2011, 13:02
youre kidding, right?


Take your emulation to the next level, the Atari Pong paddle controller level!

January 19th, 2013, 23:54
ha ha a blast from the past Atari Pong paddle controllers i love that Amino actually sounds as if they actually believed you , i suppose if Dolphin works with them any bizarre controller also should work with dophin.

January 20th, 2013, 13:29
I didn't want to start a new thread so I hope it's OK I posted my question here.
I have loads of wii games but I no longer have a wii( just to add my wii broke and I gave away my nun chuck and a few games and just keep the games I really liked) so I've been using the dolphin emulator to play the games on my PC and all has been working fine but the trouble is I don't have a gamepad I can use with with my PC and I hate using the keys and mouse so I was going to buy PS2-CONTROLLER-USB-ADAPTER (http://www.amazon.co.uk/PS2-CONTROLLER-USB-ADAPTER-Playstation/dp/B004YNIOL6/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8&colid=1XN5IFC5AK95N&coliid=I1KLZK0060BW89) because I have like three playstation 2 controllers one is brand new so I'd like to get some use out of it and yes you guessed it I have the controllers for the PS2 but the PS2 its-self gave up the ghost a while back. I suppose it would be nice to get some use out of my random junk ha ha
Any whooo my question is do you guys think this USB adapter will do the job, as in make it so I'm able to use my PS2 controllers not only on my PC but with the dolphin emulator ?

January 20th, 2013, 15:08
As I always say, just get the usb adapter that the console was designed for. There are plenty of GC->USB adapters out there. Also you can use the real wii mote and controller for wii games. Trying to using a ps2 controller is only going to get in the way.

January 21st, 2013, 18:16
You could try getting a ps3 controller, which has a usb port by default, and for the wii-mote you need blue-tooth support.