View Full Version : Emulator Problem: Three problems with Dolphin

November 23rd, 2010, 11:45
I am having three problems with Dolphin, each affecting different versions of it.

The first is in Dolphin 2.0, I get an Open GL error saying I need a renderer or something. I can't remember the whole message as I deleted the emulator.

In some SVN builds, I get an error saying "Failed to collect 1 GB of contigious memory," then talks about antivirus software, which doesn't seem to matter whether my AV software is switched on or off. In the earlier SVN builds, it says I need something called "masterkey.bin," whatever that is. I can't find masterkey.bin on Google.

November 26th, 2010, 11:33
Never mind. Dolphin 1.03 seems to work for Gamecube roms although it is incredibly slow and no sound. SVN6470 had sound but no picture plus it kept showing error messages whatever settings I use. Whinecube and SuperGCube keep showing error messages too, Run-Time 180, pixel shader errors and Gekko CPU register errors between them.

Using the Direct3D9 settings on SVN 6470, I get the error message "FramebufferManagerFailedIn .\Src\FramebufferManager.cpp at line 95: Framebuffer depth texture (size 640:441; hr=0x8876086c)".

This is then followed by "Failed to compile and create pixel shader, . \Src\D3DShader.cpp 149.". This repeats then I get "Failed to compile and create vertex shader from 045CC2A) (size 229) at .\Src\D3DShader.cpp 135." followed by repetitions of the same error message.