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August 25th, 2009, 13:27
Ok I have been helping out a dev on the module zx-explorer this is a utility that lets you

Find and store all found roms on your PC so you can see and run games from a list

download any authorized game from the official Spectrum database

Catalog and confirm against the official W.O.S. (world of spectrum) Database

Automatically or manually Rename all matched files (so the game 'MMin1%32.sna' would automatically be renamed 'Manic Miner (Bug Byte) 1983.sna'

See screen$ (loading screens) in files (also sort by screen$) (so you can see the game from the loading screen if the file name offers no clues :))

And much much more

It uses the "World of Spectrum Database" to check your roms and rename if you wish (this can be updated automatically)
It can see and sort - sna,z80,tzx,dsc,tap,$b,Trd... well virtually any spectrum rom

Anyway if you have one of those old emulator discs with thousands of sna and z89 files then this will find and sort them out...give it a try and I will love some feedback or if you are stuck.

ZX-Explorer can be downloaded here


and the homepage is here


The plan is to have a whole suite of utilities to rip the spectrum apart

p.s. I have permission off Lefteris_D (Forum Administrator) to post this.