View Full Version : Sega Saturn Emulation Issues

October 26th, 2004, 01:41
I have downloaded a number of Saturn emulators and have made small steps of progress to make them functional. My greatest success has been with GiriGiri and Cassini, specifically Cassini. However, I'm still at an impasse and unable to play any games. Lets stick to Cassini for a moment, however, if you are more familiar with GiriGiri and can help make it functional, advice in that direction would rock too. Here goes.

Cassini. Have program, bios, etc, I can start it up and get to the screen that Saturn loads to when theres no cd in it or a music cd loaded or whatnot. However I cannot play any games.
I have downloaded (I know naughty me.) a copy of Shining Force III, and it has arrived to me in .CDI format. From here I've attempted to make it into an image, mount it to a virtual drive, burn it to a cd, change the suffix, etc etc, but no matter what I do I cannot find a way to get either system to play it. Please help.