View Full Version : Zinc 1.0 Released!

October 24th, 2004, 14:18
After two years of work the long awaited version 1.0 is finally here and supports around 70 games. Here is a small list of changes: True ZN decryption instead of ZiNc's old hacks. Some Capcom games may take a little longer to start up than they did under previous ZiNc versions. This is completely normal
Story text in Kikaioh / Tech Romancer now works
Support for Tecmo TPS, Atlus PS, Raizing/Eighting PS Arcade 95, Konami GV, and Namco System 12
Sound simulation for System 11 games, thanks to Team VivaNonno
Fixed graphics for Tekken and Tekken 2
MAME-style parent/clone support
All ROM sets now match MAME 0.87u5 (not a public version)
CHD support. These may go either in your ROM folder or in a subdirectory of your ROM folder, the same as MAME
You can find more info in the readme file and get the emulator along with the nesessary files from here (http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/arcade/zinc.html).