View Full Version : idea: emu legend of the year award!

January 7th, 2009, 20:30
on 22-2-09 {dont know why that date but ok...} i will reach out a few awards {with votes from the community}

the catogories are:
best newbie 08:

most active forum user 08:

kindest person 08:

the ''i know it all'' award 08: (ment in a positive way, not in the way of a smart**s

and last, but most important

emulation guru of the year:
{winners get the title}

make someone nomine by posting a message or contacting me. on 22 februari, we will vote!!! {max. 10 persons per catagorie, you can't vote in yourself. at the award, you can see who voted for who, to avoid people voting for themselves.} anyway just making fun no real contest or some...:happy: if more then 10 are nominee's the ones with most votes go on.

my personal votes:

most active: - (sorry im online much and besides me there aren't many people online oftenly, but they come post leave, come post leave and so on, just dont know a nomine)

best newbie: retroguiden

kindest: without a doubt zach, kinda strict, but still very kind.

the '' i know it all '': ulaoulao

emu guru of the year: Fattrucker

January 12th, 2009, 02:23
i vote for obama:p