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September 21st, 2004, 09:40
this is my first time for sega cd roms,i have downloaded the monkey island rom and i dont know how to play it,when i load it with GEN it says`your bios files arent correctly configured,do it with option->directories->/files... menu,i have NO idea wat to do,when i select them,they have a change botton in front of some names witch i dont know wat are they,and i dont know wat should i do,pleez tell me in details cause i dont know a thing about iso and this stuff

September 21st, 2004, 10:39
a little progress,i have downloaded the bios file for usa,and it runs now,but the peroblem:i have downloaded my game in zip format,when i use GENS to run it,the screen is like a music player,with stop and play and stuff,i still havent downloaded the sound file for the game,i wanted to know if it runs,then i will download the sounds.wat is wrong?one more thing,i didnt unzip the file.

September 21st, 2004, 10:57
It is better to unzip the file before running it even if the emulator supports zipped files.

September 21st, 2004, 11:11
I think he is trying to run a Sega CD....

Unzip the file and mount it with a tool like Daemon Tools. Then run it through Gens.
You can find daemon tools at www.daemontools.cc.

September 21st, 2004, 19:17
ok,a little more progress,i managed to run the game,but it hangs at the title screen,i tried another game,but the same thing happened,but this time when the game asked me to format a thing like vram or something,i made a drectory for it,and when i asnwered yes it said format succesfull.
does this have to do with the game not having the sounds?because i havent downloaded the sound file for these games.

September 21st, 2004, 21:58
If it hangs that means that:


Try renaming your .mp3 files ugual to the name of the ISO

For Example


Finlafight 02.mp3

or if your system is configured in another way
they should look like this


Finalfight 02

I more sure than sure that after you have done that the game will run correctly

And don't think that just unziping the file will be useful to you.If gens crushes this means you haven't renamed your mp3 files well.That's the only reason .Place the mp3 files in your same directory where you have the iso .This way GENS will recognize them,it's the only way GENS can recognize them,but they must be renamed well as i say.I had the same problem when i first start emulating SEGACD
If you DON'T have a sound file or it is renamed unproperly MANY GAMES WILL NOT WORK.