View Full Version : Canīt get it to work Guitar Gamer

September 17th, 2004, 09:45
Hi there Guitar Gamer!!!
Great Explanation there mate!!!!Simple, Clear, concise....good work.
The thing is that it doesnīt work for me. ;) (pls bear in mind i'm a newbie, so maybe thatīs the reason)
I've followed all the instructions exactly and the program itself works ok, but when i try loading an iso for F1 2004, the screen goes black and nothing happens for 20 min aprox. Itīs the only iso i've tried so far, so maybe it ould be a proble from de iso????
(If you need my pc specs pls let me know but that shouldnt be the prob.)
Pls help me ....My msn is crom2800@hotmail.com.
Feel free to contact or anyone willing to help.
Thanks in advance
CROM**TOM** :blink:

September 17th, 2004, 13:21
Guitar Gamer hasn't posted in awhile, I think he's busy with his company. Post your specs just incase there could be some kind of problem with it. Is your BIOS correct? If you use NTSC, the BIOS should be SCPH-1001.bin. If you use PAL the the BIOS should be SCPH-7520.bin. If everything is correct, try a different ISO or a different emulator.