View Full Version : fix for n64 to usb, Random crazy button nonsense

August 10th, 2008, 21:02
Ok most of you have seen this crazy n64 stuff.

Problem: Some n64 joysticks randomly push buttons and move the analog pointer all over.

temp Fix: plug in the psx adapter to the psx port.

I have finished my n64 to usb and I'm proud to say it works with these controllers.

I'm thinking of offering a server to fix the adapters out there that do this but not sure there is any demand. So reply or PM me with yes. If I get enough response I'll make a service to do this under the current cost of the adapter its self. Out of respect of EZ I must ask all pricing is in PM's.

Also my version of the n64 to usb is for sale.. Keep in mind I plan to implement rumble and mem card reading soon and reinvent the adaptiod.