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November 3rd, 2003, 15:44
Ok... I&#39;m done transferring hosting servers from windows to Linux (duh&#33;) and have installed the MySQL database.

I&#39;m now contemplating which bulleting board sw to install.

I was going to go with phpbb but decided to create a thread about it to get the wonderfully constructive inputs available.

It is important to know that I won&#39;t be using the BB as JUST chatting forums. The forums will serve as an integral part of the new site. So i guess I want to be pretty picky with the BB software.

Basically the forums will have a few main categories. These will be determined later but as a sake of an example we will consider a Movies or Gaming category (forum).

The threads in this cagetegory (forum) can only be created by a certain accredited member type (not the guy that just joined but not a moderator either). The threads will consist basically of topics relating to the category... in this example we would have a recent movie under the movie category (forum). This thread would basically be about discussing the movie. Weather or not it was good, what was bad about it etc etc etc.

This differs from a classical forum in that under these categories only accedited users can create topics and respond to them. In this example the Kill Bill thread under the movies category would consist of reviews and ratings from these accredited members.
All members can rate the reviews (posts) in the forum in order to give them a weight. If possible posts will be listed not in a time order but in a weight order (highest ranking post first).

So to summarize, the bulleitn board SW should be able to create a few different user groups with different privileges and it would be a dream come true if posts in a thread could be rated (added weight) to increase the significance. A feature not very different from other newspost sites and sites similar to slashdot and kuroshin where the posts are rated.

This type of board will be applied not only to the classical movie/game review template but also to writing guides and FAQ&#39;s on different subjects and categorizing them in topics and ratings.

It seemed like a good idea when I thought about it and since I&#39;m paying for a hosted site (pretty good even though expensive hosting) might as well make more use of it.

So what are your suggestions on the forum/bb software to use?

November 5th, 2003, 17:00
Okay... installed IPB and patched it up with some necessary mods.

Unfortunately I could not find a "rate post" mod that would allow people to Rate user posts and have a default forum display that would allow you to list posts in a thread according to their ratings.

So I have no way of implementing that feature as of yet.

It&#39;s not a catastrophic loss, but if I get into php enough I might have to look into coding that since the site would be so much better with that feature.

Currently working on: Putting up a few FAQ&#39;s and Guides to make the site remotely useful.

I also want to integrate the news posts from the forum and mainpage... need to learn more php for that.

Any interest or help would be appreciated, PM me for the site/forum links.

November 5th, 2003, 19:01
Could you summarise that?

The Hedgehog
November 5th, 2003, 20:00
He wants a forum that can let him rate people&#39;s posts, and, by popularity rating, the ones with the highest score (he calls it "weight") will be shown first on the thread.

He&#39;s using IPB, but it doesn&#39;t have that kind of script, so he&#39;s going to learn PHP so he can do it himself.

November 6th, 2003, 16:12
What he said