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Jet Set Willy
November 2nd, 2003, 04:26
Okay, this is great. I recently managed to get my hands on another pair of Sennheiser headphones to replace the set I had to sell. I was fed up with the blobs in listening (a side effect of headphones, you lose all sound orientation which you'd normally get with speakers) so I thought I'd try some binaural recordings (a technique where sounds are seperated and filtered to give the impression of the correct amount of sound reaching each ear, and so sound comes from the right direction).

Fucking mindblowing. Don't bother if you don't have headphones, there's no point, but if you do - try this (http://www.noogenesis.com/binaural/dogs.mp2).

November 2nd, 2003, 04:50
I wish I had some Sennheiser's :( , but I don't see much of a point for it if I'm going to invest in some surround sound speakers. I would probably only use them twice a year on airplane trips.

Jet Set Willy
November 2nd, 2003, 05:19
Also check out the WaveSurround plugin for WinAmp, from http://wavearts.com/.

Jet Set Willy
November 2nd, 2003, 06:06
Bah, don't bother. It rebuilds the signal a bit tinny, and compensates for it by driving up the bass. Sad.

November 2nd, 2003, 19:05
More bass ?

The homies will love it jo