View Full Version : Neo Rage set-up (single key)

March 27th, 2008, 21:00
I was mapping the keys on NeoRage to my homebuilt arcade controller and ran into one issue with one of the buttons. The button is mapped to the ALT key. However, I cannot find this selection within NeoRage. While the controller works with other EMUs I cannot figure it out with NeoRage.


April 3rd, 2008, 06:27
This emulator is to old. Why use it :)

April 3rd, 2008, 11:45
Believe it or not it still has its uses.

April 4th, 2008, 04:55
I do not think is was made for Windows XP I could be wrong. :)

April 4th, 2008, 17:58
I do not think is was made for Windows XP I could be wrong. :)

Yes, you are wrong. This Neo-RAGEx Windows XP Upgrade was already available about a year ago.

April 5th, 2008, 08:20
That's not an official patch for the emulator.. Development on NeoRageX by its original creatores stopped in 1999. So no, it wasn't developed for Windows XP and later.

Hacks like those are also the reason the author STOPPED development, since they were done without their permission.. It's a shame too. NeorageX was a damn good emulator for its day and could play tons of games at full speed, great accuracy, and quality, on even low end systems..

The fact it can still run games like the latest KOF hack that came out a couple years ago is a testament to the hardware, and their emulation of it.

April 5th, 2008, 16:00
I know..

The Developed of the two people are: Anders Nilsson and Janne Korpela

The latest version is: 0.6b / June 24, 1999

The NeoRAGEX site is still alive and kicking but didnt say if they are still working on it.

The latest released was: [06/03/2006 ] - NeoRAGEx 5.0 Released