View Full Version : KiGB 1.66 Released!

August 13th, 2004, 09:43
The Gameboy emulator KiGB has been updated. Here is what is new:New Features: Supported 12 pre-defined palettes for GB mono games running in GBC mode as in a real GBC. The following games were supported with their own palettes:
- Alleyway
- Mario & Yoshi
- Super Mario Land
- Tennis
- Tetris
Supported motion sensor - MBC 7. Supported Kirby's Tilt 'N' Tumble and Command Master.
Real time clock data is now adjustable. To change it, go to the menu Option->Set Clock....
[Windows port only]Allowed the use of the native Windows file selection dialog box in windowed mode. This feature seems to be buggy in Win9x/Me. Default is off. To turn it on, go to the menu Option->Win32 Open File.

Bugs Fixed:
Fixed a crash bug in Battle Unit Zeoth (U and J) before starting stage 1.
Fixed a crash bug in Windows 2000/XP (and Linux?) when changing palettes with no ROMs loaded.
Fixed a bug of the assembly core of an opcode in the CPU emualtion.
The problem in starting the game in Bear in the Big House was fixed.
Updated the licensee codes (Thanks Scott Nash).
You can get it from here (http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/gameboy/kigb.html).