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  1. Dolphin Netplay?
  2. Emulator Problem: Pro Action Replay Code not working.
  3. How do i get Mupen64Plus to run on Win7 64x ?
  4. VirtuaNES......Language Plug in not found...whats this?
  5. Dolphin error....Can't create opengl renderer
  6. no$gba size
  7. Emulator Problem: no$gba or no$zoomer save load states
  8. Transfering pokemon to NDS games
  9. Emulator Problem: Game Boy Advance Emulator Full Screen Problem.
  10. Final Fantasy II for NES console
  11. Max cheats in project 64?
  12. Please recommend a laptop for Dolphin
  13. How to stack GameShark codes for Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen?
  14. Best Nintendo DS emulator to use with Camtasia?
  15. Emulator Problem: Problem with Emulation
  16. Emulator Problem: [ASK] why does my VBA get closed after i load save data from VBLINK???
  17. tgb dual netplay
  18. Emulator on phone
  19. After moving Final Fantasy 3 & SNESemulator from 1 drive 2 another saved game lost?
  20. USB controller and NES emulation on Mac without admin privileges
  21. Emulator Problem: VBA-LINK 1.8 communication error
  22. Game Problem: Zelda the ocarina of time
  23. Using newest No$gba, trouble with Heart Gold... more inside
  24. Nes Emulator Problem
  25. Linux Zsnes Controller Problem
  26. DS emu question
  27. Emulator Problem: Three problems with Dolphin
  28. Reading an NES file?
  29. Emulator Problem: Having Trouble with visual boy advance
  30. Someone has a Donkey Kong 64 rom running well?
  31. N64 pokemon staduim... can't select pokemon!
  32. RetroLink SNES Controller problem?
  33. J-Nes Full-screen problem
  34. SNES rom files.....
  35. Fire Red Save File
  36. Problem with Crystal Rom and Virtual Boy Advance
  37. Emulator Problem: No$GBA - Pokemon Black and White
  38. problem with rpg games
  39. Emulator Problem: Visual Boy Advanced Saving Error
  40. .....fail....
  41. Troubles with Zelda OOC Fishing, Helps!
  42. Emulator Problem: Recording videos in HD
  43. VBA saving
  44. Ranked Online Super Nintendo Play (XBAND 2.0 Beta)
  45. Emulating Transfer Pak (for Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2)
  46. Game Problem: Pokemon Games
  47. DS Emulator for Windows 7
  48. Few questions regarding N64 Emulators & Roms.
  49. Emulator Problem: Yu-Gi-Oh Falsebound Kingdom Texture/Graphical errors
  50. Emulator Problem: Save Type
  51. Emulator Problem: Noob here, need help understanding something
  52. I am having a problem with my dsi emulator
  53. N64 - Zelda Majoras Mask issues.
  55. Arcade Emulation on Wii
  56. Emulator Problem: Golden Sun Dark Dawn running DeSuME problems???
  57. To answer this post you need to know about Zelda games, and snes9x emulators
  58. Pokemon question.
  59. Chksum fail D:
  60. Emulator Problem: VisualBoyAdvance E-reader
  61. Need help settining Up PS3 controller with Project 64
  62. Project 64, Logitech Dual Gamepad Configuration
  63. Game Pad for Emulated Game Recommendation
  64. Emulator Problem: Problem Using N64 Emulators
  65. N64 - Zelda Majoras Mask issues.
  66. Super Mario Bros 3. Infinite Lives
  67. SMB3 problem on Nestopia
  68. Zelda OOT/Master Quest + Majora's Mask issues
  69. Game Problem: Game won't run
  70. Emulator Problem: Rice Video Plugin Issue
  71. Gameboy emulator for psp?
  72. Emulator Problem: Ace Attoney - Rise from Ashes
  73. Retrozone SNES to USB adapter acting strangely...help!
  74. Emulator Problem: Problem with BGB emulator!!
  75. Emulator Problem: Virtual Boy Advance screen capture question
  76. Pokemon Leaf Green stuck on a loop...help?
  77. Earthbound
  78. Nestopia CRT monitor simulation
  79. Emulator Problem: Help please?
  80. Emulator Problem: Nestopia - keyboard controls not fully responding
  81. no$gba saves
  82. Emulator Problem: Keeps crashing
  83. Emulator Problem: Devil Survivor Save Problem
  84. Project 64 Crashed
  85. Need Majora's Mask Save for Project 64....
  86. Perfect Dark Help.
  87. Emulator Problem: DeSmuMe Problem
  88. Faster Emulation?
  89. Fastest NDS
  90. Linking problem
  91. Problem with N64 emulation
  92. Game Problem: Mother 3 not saving! Help!
  93. DesmuMe questions.
  94. Game Problem: Brand new to emulators...where do I get the games?
  95. Emulator Problem: AR codes slow down my gamezzzz!
  96. Game Problem: wind waker fps?
  97. Game Problem: Star wars racer n64 rom screen position problem
  98. Emulator Problem: TGB Dual and Lameboy.. Help? Derpderpderp.
  99. GBA problems
  100. Looking for an emulator
  101. VBA standard speed
  102. NES emulators - video-recording question
  103. An inquire about NES Cartridge
  104. Mario Party Analogstick
  105. NES Emulator with Video Mirroring?
  106. Emulator Problem: Wonder project j2, i wonder why it wont project....
  107. Using Mupen64 Super
  108. need help finding download for resident evil zero
  110. Computer Problem: Help using EZ flash cartridge on GBA Micro...Can't save games
  111. Transferring PJ 64 save file from one computer to another?
  112. Emulator Problem: VBA - Bug with Windows 7
  113. help with configuring controller in Dolphin
  114. Converting Saves and Trading
  115. Emulator Problem: need help on dolphin!
  116. Using visual boy advance cheats
  117. Emulator Problem: Dolphin suddenly stopped working
  118. Emulator Problem: Couldn't find a similar problem anywhere, wierd failure to start in dolphin
  119. Emulator Problem: State slot 2 selected
  120. NDS-Emu with Speed-up
  121. Emulator Problem: Problems with VisualBoyAdvance and DeSmuME (please help me!)
  122. Can't open Pokemon Yellow on VisualBoyAdvance (Mac)
  123. SNES Emu & Recording Video
  124. Game Problem: Problems playing Dirt to Daytona on Dolphin GC EMU
  125. woud like to start NES emulator project in C# language, possible?
  126. Emulator Problem: Pokemon B/W black screen-no$gba
  127. A Properly Functioning Pokemon White (Engliish Translated) ROM?
  128. VBA codes for pokemon ruby
  129. Need help emulating GBA on Macbook Pro.
  130. Transfer save file to ds?
  131. My data didn't save on my SNES emulator?
  132. Cant play pokemon white on SC DSone v2?
  133. help opening a VBA rom ( mac related )
  134. New to emulators, how do I get xbox 360 wireless controller to work with Znes?
  135. Pokemon Black and White
  136. Emulator Problem: It dosen't Work
  137. Emulator Problem: BUG playing Pokemon B/W on DESMUME 0.9.6
  138. Visual Boy Advance.
  139. Game Problem: NDS fatal error
  140. Emulator Problem: MAC emulator pokemon error
  141. Project 64 cheats problem
  142. Emulator Problem: Nestopia Autofire does not work sometimes
  143. Problem with SNES9x 1.43 v7
  144. Game Cube Em Space
  145. Battle City NES: Enemies and powerups
  146. Emulator Problem: No$gba pokemon black
  147. Game Problem: Ocarina of Time HELP!
  148. Why won't my gamepad work?
  149. Dolphin help
  150. Dolphin assistance please!
  151. pokemon yellow gba cant load saved games
  152. Emulator Problem: Emulator Control Help
  153. Emulator Problem: Dolphin is too slow. Obviously.....
  154. Emulator Problem: Nintendo ds Emulator screen size
  155. NoGBA with no$zoomer
  156. Pokemon Black and White
  157. Emulator Problem: Why don't pokemon games save?
  158. Confused about change?!
  159. Hangs in white version
  160. Game Problem: Trouble with Pokemon Crystal Rom
  161. Game Problem: help
  162. Improving preformance?
  163. Project64 ignores all input from XBox360 controller
  164. VBA Gamesharking
  165. Game Problem: Broken ROMS
  166. VGB and Saving
  167. Is there an NES emulator that lets you save state with the gamepad?
  168. Workig a Tablet on a DS emulator
  169. Game Problem: paper mario 64 issue
  170. 1964 emulator doesn't work.
  171. Perfect Dark 64 Save Issues
  172. Pokemon Emerald ROM saves then deletes after I turn it off.
  173. Can't trade wirelessly on Pokemon Ruby between two laptops using vbalink.
  174. HTC Descire - help me please
  175. playstation controller for gamecube emulation?
  176. The image has crashed No$GBA Sora No Otoshimono Forte
  177. Emulator Problem: Visual Boy Advance Record to AVI
  178. Netplay problems
  179. Disabling the "state loaded" meassage on FCE Ultra.
  180. Emulator apps for the Iphone?
  181. Emulator Problem: A question reguarding SNES USB Controllers
  182. TGB Dual pokemon save problem
  183. Game Problem: Having a problem with Pokemon Crystal
  184. Paper Mario
  185. Help with Mupen64
  186. Game Problem: BATTLE / TRADE - does not work
  187. Emulator Problem: no$gba with serious problems
  188. FCE Ultra Code addresses
  189. P64 1.6 is not working
  190. Save games from Gameboid (Android GBA Emulator) to Visual Boy Adv. GBA Emulator (PC)?
  191. How to add ACtion Replay Codes to GameBoid Android Emulator for Pokemon Emerald?
  192. get together and put some wii backups together
  193. Emulator Problem: Nestopia control changing
  194. no$gba problems
  195. Emulator Problem: Dolphin is making sound but the window reamins black
  196. Help with TGB Dual infrared link
  197. Emulator Problem: Configure the Wiimote's tilt and roll to a controller in Dolphin??
  199. Please help with pokemon emulation
  200. Pokemon SoulSilver & HeartGold issues
  201. For NESTen or Nestopia...
  202. Emulator Problem: how to trade on mac
  203. NO$GBA Mic problem. Lost in Blue. Laptop Built-in mic.
  204. A awesome idea for the world of Emulation Hacking..
  205. best game pad?
  206. Game Problem: Having issues with roms!
  207. GoodWindows v2.4 Issue
  208. Game Genie codes on Nestopia
  209. Game Problem: Help with this multi part game
  210. Game Problem: Glitch in Pokemon Sapphire?
  211. Game Problem: Help with Pokemon Sapphire/NO$GBA/Save Games?
  212. Computer Problem: Help with this multi part game
  213. Resolution Changing
  214. Emulator Problem: Graphics issue with my Dolphin Emu...
  215. Emulator Problem: help me pls?!
  216. Emulator Problem: dolphin application error
  217. Emulator Problem: No$gba problem
  218. Emulator Problem: VisualBoyAdvance
  219. How do I get my PS3 controller to work?
  220. NES USB controller with 4GB starage
  221. mac help
  222. FCEUX zapper/mouse issue in full screen
  223. Need help with VBA link. How to trade myself?
  224. im looking for a nintendo ds emulator
  225. Emulator Problem: I cant start Dolphin
  226. Game Problem: how do i get Star Wars - Rogue Squadron working
  227. nestopia turbo mode?
  228. Snes9X crashing problems
  229. Game Problem: Four Swords[GC]
  230. Emulator Problem: Pokemon Fire Red Save Problem
  231. How do you transfer ZSNES save files from one computer to another...
  232. what is the preferred NES emu these days?
  233. SNES USB Controller with 2GB Storage
  234. Where to get roms for VBA
  235. Pokemon Black and a lost Action Replay
  236. Emulator Problem: XBox 360 Controller does not map with ZSNes Emulator
  237. I cant run Rice plugin on Project64 or1964
  238. Gauntlet Legends N64 Tutorial
  239. N64 emulator with save states during netplay?
  240. Ok, so clearly I am a fail at this, and in need of some help.
  241. Emulation of Zelda Ocarina 3d in a Nintedo DS emulator
  242. YuGiOh Worldwide Edition
  243. Computer Problem: MAC user need help with NES emulator
  244. Nintendo 3DS
  245. Emulator Problem: Weird Dolphin graphic bug in Legend of Zelda: TP
  246. Emulator Problem: Game pad question
  247. Game Problem: Ocarina of Time on sixtyforce: Green/Black Glitchy Screens?
  248. Emulator Problem: can't get link vba to show visual it only plays sound and a black screen.
  249. DeSmuMe 0.9.7 really slow
  250. Verifying GBA ROMs and Dragon Ball Z games issue