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  1. Weird thing with Master System Emulation
  2. SSF not compatible with Vista?
  3. Sega Saturn ST Key Question
  4. New to emulators...please help me with SSF!!!
  5. SolFeace sega CD problem
  6. Cant mount cue file in daemon "sampling rate must be 44100" but can mount the iso??
  7. Burning Sega Saturn and CD games after downloading
  8. where do people get their games?
  9. How do i use my controller on gens emulator?
  10. A little help...
  11. Arcadevga with dreamcast?
  12. What's this game?
  13. Is it possible to play Genesis games with Genesis joypad on PC?
  14. What are the controls for the Fusion Sega Genesis Emulator?
  15. Emulator Problem: sega saturn
  16. Chankast problem
  17. Another Chankast problem(please help me)
  18. sega emulator question
  19. Emulator Problem: controller joy pad config
  20. Emulator Problem: Ssf error
  21. Why use Chankast???
  22. Game Problem: Problem With Guardian Heroes Music
  23. jet grind radio control help..
  24. Gen Plus Problems
  25. Gens sound problem
  26. SSF Problem
  27. burning games to play on the dreamcast?
  28. is there a webpage?
  29. Chankast + Core 2 Duo = suckage?!
  30. code for rogan shining force 3 scenario 3
  31. lightgun with nulldc?
  32. Speed Controll With Chankast?
  33. Fusion3.51 saving issues
  34. Playing Game Gear games on a Gameboy?
  35. nulldc will not work on my tv
  36. Game Problem: Model 2 0.7a - Controls for 2x instances
  37. The Joypad Sticks
  38. Games And Dreamcast
  39. Street of rage 3
  40. Noob - Virtua Cop and SSF
  41. dreamcast sdk?
  42. deamon tools wont work
  43. Game genie
  44. Emulator Problem: PC Mouse question
  45. Chankast sound prob!!
  46. Emulator Problem: Armada on Chankast
  47. Chankast games help...
  48. nullDC help.
  49. chankast controls help
  50. FreezeSMS Vista help
  51. Can a Saturn Play CD-RW
  52. How to use Sega Saturn Emulator
  53. SegaCD saving
  54. Emulator problem with Illbleed for the Dreamcast
  55. Emulator Problem: Is it possible to capture the screen into png or jpg format?
  56. What I am looking for
  57. Problem downloading chankast
  58. How to use fusion 3.15?
  59. Please!! Can anyone help??
  60. Setting up memory card in NullDC for Spawn: In the demon's hand
  61. Using Emulators with Windows Vista?
  62. How to set framerate in Chankast?
  63. Why is one cue okay, second not?
  64. SSF lag?
  65. emulator that extracts for you?
  66. Best Sega Saturn Emulator?
  67. Using a mouse for lethal enforcers 2 gunfighters
  68. Chankast problem
  69. Discjuggler issues. Going insane.
  70. Sega Stunner Gun
  71. DEGA site down?
  72. Downloaded Kega Fusion and rom but...
  73. Buring a .bin .cue dreamcast game?
  74. Need help with Night into dreams
  75. Question about power stone 2 on chankast...
  76. Why Doesnt any Saturn emulator work for me?
  77. SSF + Demon tools can't run .cue Files If you know how to do it please help me out!
  78. Problems with Snatcher on Sega CD.
  79. Running Sega Genesis emulators on a PSP Slim and Lite
  80. SSF has horrible fps
  81. Satourne Blue Screen Issue
  82. DGEN 1.70 Lite Ad Hoc help?
  83. Hombrew Game Team
  84. Trouble saving
  85. Help with Kega Fusion and Controllers
  86. Game Problem: My dreamcast games oif "the king of fighters 99" is not working with my dc emulator
  87. Weird!
  88. Most stupid question ever.....:)
  89. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 help!!!!!plzzzzz
  90. Emulator Problem: Need serious nelp with gen32 surreal
  91. Trouble Running Games in SSF
  92. Gen on Dreamcast?
  93. Sound issues and weird Area code reset
  94. Netplay on Gens 2.14
  95. Ultimate Dreamcast Emulator
  96. Emulator Problem: A How-To Tutorial for Sega Emulators
  97. Emulator Problem: New to this, Guide for NullDC
  98. Emulator Problem: Chankast
  99. Emulator Problem: Gens freezes on Start-up
  100. Running Vista
  101. Weird problem on my chankast+ cannon spike
  102. Help cant burn .ccd
  103. Genesis - Which emulates the sound best?
  104. help! can't get usb joystick to work
  105. Sega Genesis Emulator with AVI Support
  106. Sega Mega CD burning
  107. Emulator Problem: Chankast wont work to me.
  108. how to save MvsC2 in nullDC?
  109. Where can I download or buy Sega CD Collection [FULL SET] ?
  110. How to log an AVI in Kega Fusion 3.6
  111. Emulator Problem: Genesis emulation+Realtek HD Mic boost=HORRIBLE sound, what to do?
  112. Emulator Problem: Graphic problems with SSF Emulator
  113. graphic problem in chankast
  114. Help with SSF & Dragon Force
  115. Great games
  116. Emulator Problem: Chankast Emulator Keeps asking me to install game cd or goes to music screen help plz
  117. how to configure dreamcast emulators?
  118. State of Dreamcast Emulation?
  119. Emulator Problem: Cant Save Game
  120. keio flying squadron 2 and SSF issue
  121. Emulator Problem: "Wait, where did the menu go?" (SFF problem)
  122. Sound in Link Dragon (Mega Drive)
  123. Help! - how does netplay work?
  124. Emulator Problem: keyboard not being detected
  125. Please help (hanging nullDC)
  126. Just WHY?
  127. Sega Saturn emulator help
  128. Emulator Problem: Fusion speed problems
  129. Emulator Problem: Emulators on Dreamcast?
  131. Please configure EUR Bios in options?! What is this!?
  132. [Help] Removing Dummy Files
  133. SSF and saved games, Help Request.
  134. Sega dream cast
  135. Trying to get sound to work on SegaCD.
  136. Another RE code Veronica problem!!
  137. Eidolon's Inn site down
  138. Need Help Trying to Save Game on SSF
  139. Corruption Message??
  140. Gens and Mighty Morphan Power Rangers
  141. PDS hanging at gigralyph
  142. Sonic CD Music problem
  143. Game Problem: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 on Nulldc
  144. Emulator Problem: Regen - Camera shy?
  145. nulldc graphics problem
  146. Emulator Problem: NullDC NAOMI error
  147. Emulator Problem: WHAT DO I NEED TO GO ON NULLDC NAOMI
  148. NullDC Analog/Sound Problems
  149. Emulator Failing
  150. What is Your Favorite Dreamcast Emulator?
  151. can someone tell me how i can get started
  152. Fusion 3.6 justifier problem
  153. How to configure gamepad - nullDC
  154. Game Problem: nulldc help
  155. (Noob question) Got the Sega Saturn Rom, so what now?
  156. Major graphic problem with NiGHTS in SSF
  157. No music Playin Sega CD-games
  158. Quicksave Mapping in Fusion 3.6
  159. Emulator Problem: Fusion Netplay Not Working
  160. SSF configuration menu help?
  161. Dual Core needed to run SSF?
  162. Need help with codebreaker boot loader
  163. Genesis Emulator crashing
  164. Kega Fusion acting wierd
  165. Help with Gens netplay
  166. Help about one game :)
  167. Help need for sega dreamcast
  168. Some emulator problems.
  169. New guy with Sega CD question
  170. Burning Yabause for Dreamcast
  171. Genesis emulator with speed control?
  172. Emulator Problem: How can I play .7z ROMs?
  173. What is the name of this fighting game?
  174. not sure where to put this question
  175. How to disable "always active window" in SSF
  176. Anyone successful at editing save states?
  177. Dreamcast Emu Problem: Crashes
  178. Emulator Problem: Gens emulator control problem
  179. gamegear multiplayer
  180. Kega Fusion's Sega CD Support Is A Pain on Mac OS X
  181. Game Problem: Zero Tolerance Multiplayer for Gens Emulator
  182. How to run Sonic CD on K Fusion emulator?
  183. Emulator Problem: Emulator Problem
  184. Gens Plus Emulator Problem
  185. Playing Gens Emulator With PC Controller.
  186. How to save in genesis emu for Dreamcast?
  187. Need help mounting and burning a dreamcast game
  188. How do I make a GBC emu for DC?
  189. ROM Descriptors
  190. Any good PS2 emulators?
  191. Emulator Problem: Best dreamcast graphics plugin.
  192. Emulator Problem: Guardian Heroes.
  193. Fusion Pause Problem
  194. Sega CD Snatcher Problems
  195. Configure Menacer in Port 2
  196. Emulator Problem: emulator detects my Game CD as a music cd
  197. Fusion36 lags so much >.>
  198. Emulator Problem: Loading DC Game Images in Demul
  199. Why would I need a bios file for genesis games on Kega Fusion?
  200. Sega Genesis Antique Price :)
  201. SSF issue
  203. Where do you get the games?
  204. Can help me find this game?
  205. Emulator Problem: Help! DC Emulators
  206. Emulator Problem: Any way I can use a wired xbox 360 controller to play the emulator thru the comp?
  207. Game Problem: Is it possible to save a game using the Fusion Emulator?
  209. Genesis game recommendations?
  210. Gens 2.1.4 and Madcatz TE Fight Stick Compatibility Issue
  211. Problem while playing Lunar: Eternal Blue on Kega Fusion 3.6
  212. Dreamcast (nullDC)
  213. playing a jetset radio on chankast
  214. Enabling sound makes Gens freeze... why?
  215. Gens Vsync screen flickering issue!
  216. Emulator Problem: Game won't start
  217. help with dragons fury on gens
  218. Emulator Problem: my chankast sucks
  219. Genesis vs CD
  220. AM2 fans - we need your support!
  221. Mega Man: The Wily Wars (NES Remake of 1,2,3)
  222. Weird problem while playing Pokemon Emerald with No$gba
  223. Fusion sega cd emulator problem?
  224. 550 Children's PC games
  225. Gens Sega CD Skips intro
  226. Problem for Spawn(In the Demon Hand) CHANKAST
  227. Emulator Problem: nullDC: "Unable to find flash/nvmem in..." problem
  228. No sound in kega fusion linux?
  229. 3 player netplay in Fusion
  230. Problem in nullDC
  231. Emulator Problem: Fusion emulator: customize conrols/hotkeys
  232. Emulator Problem: RE : Code Veronica - disk 2 change problem (DC Null)
  233. Emulator Problem: Unknown crash with Gens
  234. Best game gear emulator for Win7 64 bit?
  235. Game Problem: RE : Code Veronica - tiger's jewels BUG ::HOW CAN I FIX IT ???::
  236. Emulator Problem: HELP Mac user
  237. Game Problem: Dragon Force disk doesn't run on console, but does in SSF :/
  238. how to get logitech dual action to work instead of keyboard for megadrive emulator
  239. Emulator Problem: Power Stone 2 on any DC Emulator
  240. Emulator Problem: HELP Mac user
  241. Game Problem: NBA Live '95 and '96 Rosters
  242. Emulator Problem: Gamegenie doesn't work with Fusion 3.6
  243. Emulator Problem: Genesis plus save state
  244. Can't run games in NullDC
  245. Emulator Issue SSF Closes itself all the time
  246. Emulator Problem: Gens doesn't run properly on my PC.
  247. NullDC problems.
  248. Can anyone help me with Lunar 2: Eternal Blue?
  249. Help with dreamcast..
  250. Emulator Problem: SSF Emulator Problem