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  1. games running too much fast on gens plus
  2. how do i limit the frame rate in gens plus?
  3. help with analog stick suport in SSF
  4. Chankast EX memory card problem
  5. Gens v2.12b command line?
  6. Sega to PS2
  8. Perplexed about full screen mode (Gens 2.11)
  9. Downloading DC games.
  10. Curious about video
  11. USB controller issue with Fusion
  12. Game Boy Advance for Dreamcast (Need Tutorial Please!!!)
  13. new version of ssf mid game
  14. Chankast imagery problem
  16. Daytona USA Arcade SYSTEM
  17. Somthing anoying, please help!
  18. good saturn emulator
  19. Help loading rom on satourne v1.1
  20. Dreamcast Question
  21. Dreamcast IMG file help
  22. Saturn Bomberman (i dont know how to play ROMs!)
  23. makaron WIP (Dreamcast emulator)
  24. chankast problem
  25. Sega Master system: emulator and games
  26. Marvel vs Capcom 2: Accurate Mix Help.
  27. Help with Chankast and .cdi files
  29. help with MVC2: don't know what im doing wrong
  30. Sega CD with TWO ISOs !
  31. cant save my game using SSF
  32. the real SEGA MEGA-CDII
  33. CHANKAST HELP!!!!!!!!
  34. Genesis ROMS on a PS1?
  35. PS2 Game Genie Not Working
  36. Controllerproblem
  37. Help with SSF (1st time user)
  38. Compressing the ROM, then Burning it to a CD?
  39. Kega Fusion and Vista
  40. i dont know if this is allowed
  41. New to Saturn Emulation. Need some help.
  42. Different sega saturn problem (easy to fix)
  43. Satourne Master SH2 error
  44. How do I get Normal Dreamcast games to play on Chankast
  45. Kega Fusion - playing problems
  46. Would a new Dell Pc (2007)......
  47. Sega Super System 256 emulation
  48. MDF/S - 781MB
  49. Help with Saturn (SSF) emulator (MDF/BIN files)
  50. Sonic: Best and Worst?
  51. Fusion Controller Config thread (since I accidentally deleted it)
  52. can some one help me?
  53. Chankast EX Anyone try this yet
  54. Another Prob.
  55. sonic adventure 2 prob fixed!!!
  56. Help a Noob out with Saturn Emulation please!
  57. Tweaking Fusion
  58. i am new to this!!
  59. nullDC
  60. Nulldc i got IT!!
  61. How do I load a ROM on Satourne 3??
  62. Wanted: Newer versions of Cassini, please. Can you help?
  63. Sega Screen in Japanese, need help deducing problem.
  64. help with fusion(sega cd)
  65. Help Finding A Game (Dreamcast)
  66. Gens Trouble
  67. How to Create Selfboot disc (Dreamcast)
  68. Help me identify this game!
  69. SImple steps to use the best Saturn emulator please?
  70. SEGA CD
  71. How to RIP genesis game music?
  72. Resident evil code veronica problem
  73. Fusion Full Screen Question
  74. Problem with chankast
  75. SSF Problems, Help Please.
  76. New Dreamcast emulator
  77. CD image problem with Chankast
  78. Dragon Force 2/SSF
  79. Help With Burning
  80. CDI extensions, Daemon, and regions
  81. No Sound or Intro Theme for Sonic CD
  82. sega saturn and corpse killer
  83. Instructions for running an emulator?
  84. soul calibur: are my specs enough?
  85. gens32 surreal and probs saving sega cd games
  86. Die Hard Arcade , Problem with running
  87. SSF Ver 0.08 alpha R10 released!
  88. Can't read TOC from d: drive
  89. pout game shark and action replay for the ssf and chankast
  90. nulldc help
  91. Need some help
  92. Sega CD Help
  93. chankast trouble
  94. Chankast/Demul Sonic Adventure 2 Help
  95. SSF + Shining Force III premium disc
  96. Sonic CD Fusion Music Help
  97. An SSF alpha problem
  98. SSF runs in wrong resolution and drives me nuts
  99. SSF help
  100. satourne emulator question
  101. High CPU usage
  102. Save problems SSF
  103. HELP!!!
  104. clueless
  105. SSF 0.08 alpha R11 released!
  107. Chankast optimization
  109. albert odyssey sound ?
  110. Chankast alph Problem sega dreamcast
  111. backing up and emulating
  112. Cassini Lite Issues
  113. Have I got the right emulator? - GENS 2.14
  114. Bin file?
  115. Shinobi version?
  116. Stop adding desktop icons?
  117. Burning a game for my dreamcast
  118. Starflight
  119. emulating saturn
  120. Spiderman vs. Kingpin Sega CD help
  121. Making A Dreamcast CD
  122. A Robot Fighting game for sega
  125. how to make graphics look better.
  126. How to save Shining the Holy Ark in SFF??
  127. emulating dreamcast
  128. Help with Sega CD
  129. It turns out I have a problem with SSF and Sonic 3D Blast.
  130. SSF Configuration - Need help here...
  131. KFusion, Gens both do not start
  132. help with emularing JAP game on sega cd emu
  133. SSF emulator - How do I redefine my control pad?
  134. Sonic Xtreme.
  135. pad plugin for demul-0.1
  136. omg what is this game?
  137. Best Megadrive emulator??
  138. Shining force III (U) Multiple Bins?
  139. OK so may Be u could answer me a question
  140. SSF Lacking in Fighting Games
  141. Chankast question
  142. Need help finding a good Sega Saturn
  143. iso roms
  144. Dreamcast Roms
  145. Best SEGA Genisi/Mega Drive Game??
  146. People who got kawaks..............
  147. A Little Help? Sonic CD
  148. Can Someone Help Me Create ISO, CDI files?
  149. Please!!! need help with nullDC public beta!!
  150. How exactly does netplay work?
  151. usb joypads
  152. videos of the scenario 2 of shining force 3
  153. Help: Can't use Chankast 02a
  154. cheats for Lunar Eternal Blue using Gens 32 Surreal?!
  155. SSF 007 Help
  156. Need help with copy games to disc!
  157. Please help a newbie!!!!!!
  158. Kega Graphics
  159. More Sonic CD Problems
  160. how do you play saturn games downloaded
  161. Chankast: is a 2.0 GHz CPU the absolute minimum?
  162. NullDC
  163. A werid problem, need advise please.
  164. Action Replay?
  165. Fusio 3.51
  166. Shenmue 2 chankast problems
  167. Sega CD, What do you think??
  168. Megadrive Top 10 ):);)
  169. Old Sega game I can't remember the name of!
  170. chankast on intel???
  171. Problem with Albert Odyssey in Satourne
  172. Sega CD and Sega Saturn
  173. Saturn Emulators
  174. Chankast... Please Help!
  175. Saturn .cue file
  176. NullDC use burned iso's
  177. Graphic Card for DC emulation
  178. Burn Sega Saturn CDs to play on Console
  179. Dreamcast Emulator
  180. Nulldc lag
  181. Trying to save on Sega Cd using Kega Fusion
  182. Dreamcast Emulator Any faster ones?
  183. how to open games in Chankast
  184. Emulator Fusion.ini Controller Problem
  185. wachenroder text problem
  186. Can't see Sonic Adventure 2 on Chankast
  187. SSF Panzer Saga, How can I adjust the Graphics??
  188. Fusion 3.51 EMU and Game Genie
  189. Chankast - increasing RAM help?
  190. Gens v2.14 questions
  191. Sega CD image with seperate audio files
  192. Please Help a noob!
  193. Setting up GENS (mainly BIOS files related)
  194. How to save your game on Sonic CD (useing an emulator)
  195. Game suggestions?
  196. Bleem! Gran Turismo 2 on PC?!
  197. question about burning CDI's for dreamcast
  198. Opening SSF
  199. Help with SSF
  200. Help with SSF
  201. Genesis emulator with avi support?
  202. Massage sound is choppy
  203. Burning Shenmue 2
  204. Whats the swap CD trick
  205. Help mounting .CUE file
  206. hi im new and in neeed of assistance
  207. Mystaria/Blazing Heroes
  208. How exactly do I play Saturn ISOs on a Dreamcast or PC (Yabause)?
  209. Chankast problem?
  210. Mortal Kombat Gold runs way too fast!!!
  211. Castlevania Resurrection
  212. SSF error
  213. chankast issue..
  214. Question about dreamcast console
  215. sega saturn satourne
  216. Hex editing Sega CD games
  217. Newbie in need of some assistance
  218. SSF Won't start up
  219. Sega Saturn Emulation.
  220. Sega CD: Vay game edits
  221. sega saturn emulation help
  222. How do I load a rom on SSF
  223. Chankast Emulating .cgi
  224. Plz Need help with SSF
  225. help me optimizing nullDC
  226. Requirements
  227. SSF problem
  228. Recording gameplay
  229. Do I have to use achohal 120% for SSF?
  230. all time classics list yours
  231. a problem with chankast
  232. Another problem with SSF.
  233. Problem with Satourne
  234. Gens v2.14
  235. Null dc needs to be put up on this site it is number one D.C. emulator right now
  236. Questions about CHamkast!!!
  237. K Fusion Netplay
  238. Can't download Chankast
  239. Gens dosnt work?
  240. Burned Sega Dreamcast games
  241. Sega Emulators wont work for me
  242. Good Sega Emulators?
  243. Satourne first time help
  244. sega satrun Swap trick question
  245. How do I get ISO/MP3's to run with SSF?
  246. Chankast Wont Run Game, Always Asks For Date
  247. Dreamcast?
  248. Problem with Skies of Arcadia.
  249. SSF problem
  250. Shining Force CD, Fusion, locks up