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  1. Internet Blacklist
  2. Hello Old Timers, Newbie Over Here
  3. Make up an Imaginary Emulator
  5. 2600 backwards emulation
  6. looking for a game cant find
  7. Hey guys, I am finally bettering my life!
  8. Computer Problem: how do i use multi-part roms?
  9. A doubt about PCs and consoles
  10. Changed my sig, could I get some opinions?
  11. Current or Future Projects You're Doing
  12. Game Problem: KING OF FIGHTERS STRICTLY.....!!
  13. need help with mini troopers
  14. I'm back.... kind of
  15. Concern Yo
  16. Who's here playing Mario Games?
  17. A message
  18. Anyone beaten Ninja Gaiden for NES?
  19. Best music in gaming? Favourite game music?
  20. new sig
  21. Its my birthday today!
  22. Anyone playing old school snes rpgs.
  23. Running 16 bit software on a 64 bit machine
  24. How are my posts?
  25. Gamers giving gaming community a bad name.
  26. Final Fantasy XIII 2 is out!!!
  27. Most disturbing game character
  28. What is your favourite Playstation one game?
  29. ZTE X850 $115.99 worth??
  30. Game Problem: legend of the seven stars
  31. Please, Develop For HUAWEI HONOR U8860
  32. Offline FPS?
  33. Advice
  34. New Gaming Console Coming Soon
  35. Emulators on Android,iOS,Symbian
  36. hey mini-mods!
  37. anybody else got a ralleigh grifter mark 2 1980 ? :)
  38. PS4 and XBOX 720
  39. Mass Shooting at the "Dark Knight Rises" Premiere
  40. Need help getting my 360 controller to work with emulator.
  41. Pcs and Consoles
  42. Where did u find emu zone?
  43. Any WoT fans here?
  44. Post your youtube account
  45. Goddam Religious Wars
  46. cant register at http://forums.dolphin-emu.org/
  47. Volume Control Panel for a Bartop Arcade Machine
  48. New Years Resolutions 2013
  49. What would you do during a Zombie apocalypse?
  50. Emulations Streams, Walkthroughs, Speed Runs,& Guides ? Classic Video Game Jukebox!
  51. Its my Birthday, yay!
  52. GCW Zero: New Open Source Gaming Handheld
  53. favourite handheld rpg
  54. Announcment: Old Skool Games Content Submission Contest
  55. Any OLD members still here?
  56. why no ps vita emulator
  57. Please help me read QR code with coupon
  58. We are finally 1337!
  59. Will this Hardware Configuration work for Emulators on a virtual Machine
  60. Digital Graphics Showcase Thread
  61. Is it legal?
  62. I was wondering...
  63. UG site closed
  64. Elodie Yung to play Wasp in Ant Man and Avengers 3
  65. Aldrich Killian is a Maniac, not a Mandarin
  66. oLD bOOKS
  67. Emulation ROM Manager
  68. Fruit machine emulators
  69. the dolphin emulator is losing ad hits, because of a snake.
  70. Emulator pages need changed
  71. Testmachine
  72. Configuration Problem!!
  73. Moving into my own place!
  74. What country are you from?
  75. latest dreamcast emulator on android problems
  76. Transform your Android into a portable console!!
  77. The E3 2014 Discussion Thread
  78. just a thought!
  79. How old are the gamers on this forum?
  80. Moga Hero Power - Mobile Game Controller - Questions
  81. Program in the making need your thoughts!
  82. Linux steam support.
  83. YYCHR alternative
  84. How can i open .vfs file?
  85. Is this place Real?
  86. Birthday Party Would Love Some Emulator Help!
  87. Got email saying someone tried hacking.
  88. Dead people? Somebody alive here?
  89. How do I edit a post?
  90. Farewell people
  91. Games Database
  92. Emulator Problem: PS4 DS4 Controller right analog stick won't work on android emulator.
  93. Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes Re-Coloring Project 2016
  94. >>
  95. Good Info About Programing
  96. Example of story
  97. My bad jokes im a comedian dont ban me >.>
  98. The my way now C++
  99. SeoManager
  100. Dont read it !
  101. Team speak ?
  102. Public Discord lobby for emulator netplay!
  103. Emulator Discord Server
  104. Im back to programming
  105. hello new users
  106. Information
  107. MarioCrossower
  108. Me Me and more of Me
  109. Ansi C completed
  110. Emulation Netplay Discord Server (Retro Survivors)
  111. Mupen64plus save problems
  112. Do someone have Raspberry Pi?
  113. Emulator newbie needing some advice on hardware/software please help
  114. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018
  115. Sites which everyone shold know.
  116. Fuel Separation Systems
  117. Computer Problem: huawei tablet
  118. CryFarGaming’s Signature/Avatar shop(its free btw) ..
  120. Emuzone forums still going strong
  121. Where should i get the Play Way Zone?
  122. How to move Pubg from My system?
  123. windows 10
  124. I am looking for good reviews of new games
  125. R/Emulator_Help
  126. Game Problem: Stuck in a game
  127. Addiction to PUBG
  128. Favorite old school game
  129. Downloading and streaming and playing any video
  130. What is freedom?
  131. for google chrome
  132. Bots Bots everywhere
  133. Emulator Problem: This is about emulator save files
  134. What are some safe emulators that I can download?
  135. Which game can you recomend to play
  136. Do you know if there is such a thing?
  137. Can I post my guides here?
  138. Spamming acounts everywhere
  139. Hi i am new and want to use a Dell OptiPlex 3020M did not no where to post
  140. Lucid dreams
  141. Are you looking for best emulator for free fire ?