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    on my pcsx2 emulator when i try and run my ps2 game the emulator shows the ps2 bootup sequence just until it reaches the main screen where it shows "Browser" and "System Configuration". It doesn't load the game. The game im trying to test is tekken 5 and all the configurations is correct. Can anyone help?

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    What is your plug in ? You need the latest newest plug in for this.

    What is your COMPUTER SPECS ?

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    This is how my setup looks before i run the tekken 5 disc. do you see anything wrong?

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    ok got the zero gs plugin and its working but i think the reason the games not playing is because i might not be selecting the right file; in the image below when i select "run cd/dvd" it opens up the cd drive where the contents are at. i don't know which one to select

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    I don't know. Mine is bin/cue or .iso that's it and best yet burn it on DVDR works wonder

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    you need to load the correct cd/dvd plugin from the config screen of pcsx2. Choose Linuxappz or any other which you have, as long as the plugin name does not have a null in it.

    This will let you choose the game next time you run pcsx2, instead of taking you to the browser screen.

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    That's weird it looks like the cd image is in pieces

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