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Thread: NO$GBA - Microphone Question.

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    Default NO$GBA - Microphone Question.

    I know that microphone support has been implemented in v2.3d or somewhere close, but I tried blowing at it during WarioWare Touched! and nothing happens. I have a good microphone and tried every setting possible (sound input/output, microphone boost, etc) and nothing.

    I'm stuck on that game where I (as a robot) have to blow a dust on the window and there's no way I work around this without microphone support.

    Any ideas? I'm currently using v2.6 (free), by the way.

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    Default Re: NO$GBA - Microphone Question.

    I have heard some people have problem with their own microphone. Which I dont know why... Mine is fine because I am using webcam with microphone built in it and it's working fine for first time.

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    Default Re: NO$GBA - Microphone Question.

    rockman this martin guy has to rewiev that error many people have it

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    I've tried to use mike in NSMB Minigames, and it's quite buggy. I had to be like 1 inch from the mike, and blow as hard i could :P

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    Default Re: NO$GBA - Microphone Question.

    i am playing cooking mama and i have a dirrerent microphone problem
    the game doesnt want me to blow,that is when i need to blow, the game considers i blow without me blowing(i hope you arent confused)

    is there an answer for this?

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    I can't help you with that. The mic depend on your computer's sound and isn't a buggy in emulator accord to martin korth the developer statement and he is right. My microphone works perfectly fine with my no$gba emulator since 2.3 and I finished Zelda that required microphone too.

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    lol don't defend him really today in the last version is still there hope the complains are useful for him

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