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    Default NO$GBA Window Size

    Simple. can i make this little window bigger?

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    It's impossible...for now...maybe in a newer version

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    Default Re: NO$GBA Window Size

    No, not in a newer version either.. Yet.

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    Default Re: NO$GBA Window Size

    Do what I do:

    * Right-click on the no$gba icon.
    * Select "Properties"
    * Select the "Compatibility" tab on the top.
    * Under "Display Settings" check the "Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution" option.
    * Click "OK"
    * Open up no$gba and enjoy!

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    Wish to have fullscreen,but the previous link that i was given requires me to signup in a forum that bans me for no apparant reason...can some kind soul just post that program here? =p

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