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    Well, the title explains what this whole thread is about.
    I haven't gotten to find anything helpful through the search option, so I'm here to ask the people of the forum.

    Well, here goes.
    Question: How do you use the cheat option on no$GBA v.2.4? Specifically on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl?
    ~Renegade v.1.68 doesn't seem to work.
    ~The actual options in no$GBA doesn't work at all.
    ~Is there any other methods to cheat?

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    Cheats won't work for DS games on no$GBA at this moment.

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    Actually, it's working but I do not use the cheat you know.

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    It works, but you have to know how to make the cheats work. Here, this should help you out: How to convert NDS codes for use in No$GBA

    Sorry, but there's no easy way to do it yet.

    Oh, and other methods would include hacking into the game's memory (Renegade64 has a built-in memory viewer that works very well on PJ64, but I don't know about No$GBA-Try it!), alternatively, you could try something like Cheat Engine's very tricky to attempt using the program on an emulator, as you'll also be viewing memory from the emulator as well as the game.
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    Tools you'll need:

    Renegade64 (1.68 is newest version)

    01: start no$gba, open a game and go ingame
    02: start renegade64 -> cheating -> attach to emulator -> choose no$gba 2.4c (DS)
    03: cheating -> trainer/patcher
    04: Training Options: set system to NDS
    05: enter the name of the game u want to cheat in the lil box below the games box and hit the Add button
    06: Enter Code Name
    07: Enter The Code
    08: Set As New
    09: now select the code and hit "activate codes"
    10: have fun cheating

    You need to add this to the emulators.cfg file for Renegade 64 to work with 2.4c:
    No$GBA v2.4c (DS)|no$gba|0|469CE0|400000|3|

    Note that this works for most people, but not everyone.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: no$GBA Cheat Help

    When ever I try to enter a code, the code shows up but with a ? in the box. I'm trying to use codes for pokemon ruby and nothing seems to be working.

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