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  1. DeSmuMe 0.9.7 really slow
  2. Verifying GBA ROMs and Dragon Ball Z games issue
  3. Pokemon Red/Blue emulator online battling/tradng woes
  4. Project 64 Texures/Graphics Missing?
  5. Emulator Problem: Having a hard time getting Mupen64plus started.
  6. Game Problem: Pokemon FireRed, GSSP code formatting
  7. Diddy Kong Racing Rom Glitches
  8. Annoying white boxes in Super Mario World (GBA emulator on PSP)
  9. Dolphin won't work.
  10. Emulator Problem: Transfer save from VBA/TGB to KiGB
  11. Transfer save from KiGB mac to KiGB pc
  12. dolphin problems
  13. Will my build run all N64 games at 100%?
  14. How to put in cheats on dolphin?
  16. Emulator Problem: FCEUX v. 2.0.0 controls broke
  17. Game Problem: Madden 2002 Rom Freeze
  18. no$gba on low end pc
  19. Emulator Problem: Need Movie Support
  20. Problems with Paper Mario cheats.
  21. N64 Emulation is far too much work
  22. Nintendo Wii U -- What do you guys think?
  23. Emulator Problem: Project 64 fast forward
  24. Emulator Problem: Please help my Pokemon Sapphire is not working but Pokemon Fire Red well
  25. GBA: Cheats and sub-byte variables?
  26. Help please.... have a problem with my SNES emulator.
  27. Can't map controller to ZSNES
  28. N64 Adaptoid Original Wishtech for Sale!
  29. Game Problem: Soul Calibur2
  30. Emulator Problem: Help NO$GBA AND every other emulator do not work
  31. NO$GBA interferes with network?
  32. Emulator Problem: dolphin speed problem
  33. Question About Emulators...
  34. Emulator Problem: TGB Dual is really burning a hole in my head!!!!!
  35. Help with Pokemon Black emulation..
  36. Game Problem: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
  37. Emulator Problem: SetupWiiMem: Can't find setting file
  38. Emulator Problem: Dolphin Error: Can't play Medal of Honor or Star Wars
  39. Dolphin emulator does not want to run D:?
  40. Issue with Saving
  41. USB Controller?
  42. Game Problem: why wont my Visual boy advance keep the internal clock on?
  43. project64 1.6 texture filters ?
  44. Emulator Problem: dolphin not responding?
  45. Game Problem: Digimon World DS lagging while Digimon World Dawn/Dusk isn't
  46. Emulator Problem: Please help me
  47. Game Problem: Amazing Island Graphics Issue
  48. Emulator Problem: VBA can't load any game, fluctuates percentage at "open"
  49. xbox contoller config for tiger woods 12 on wii for pc
  50. Emulator Problem: cant use any DS emulator
  51. VBA Speed button problem
  52. Pokemon Leaf Green Save
  53. Game Problem: sonic battle problem
  54. does dolphin run on windows xp
  55. Emulator Problem: Visual Boy: How to adjust the speed up button?
  56. Offical n64 controller with project64?
  57. Emulator Problem: Games refusing to stay saved
  58. Emulation Problem: I can't find an emulator that can play majoras mask on my mac
  59. stuck on black version
  60. Emulator Problem: Project 64 v. 1.6 Audio Issues
  61. Sensen 0079 problems with Dolphin
  62. Emulator Problem: VisualBoyAdvance.. Sooooo slooooow
  63. Emulator Problem: Fire Red Saving Problem
  64. Emulator Problem: Dolphin
  65. Game Problem: Lord of the Rings Game
  66. Emulator Problem: Dolphin Just Doesn't Open (No message or anything)
  67. Emulator Problem: Megaman Zero 1 (Problem solved, please close)
  68. Computer Problem: DS lite problem
  69. Emulator Problem: Could be Game Problem: Missing Textures Skipping Sound
  70. No$GBA won't play naruto shippuden Naruto vs sasuke
  71. Blue Dragon:Awakened Shadow problem
  72. Emulator Problem: my GBA emulator keeps giving me a save error, help??
  73. Emulator Problem: CAN'T GET ANYTHING TO WORK!!!!
  74. Emulator Problem: RockNES for Mac is not working
  75. Cloud Emulator Program
  76. Advice needed for pokemon on android
  77. Need someone to mock up JSNES
  78. Game Problem: Good Mario Golf For Sixty Force
  79. Game Problem: Super Mario 64 (project64)
  80. UP Arrow Key No WORKIE for my N64 Controller
  81. Game Problem: Pokemon Pearl appears to stop
  82. VBALink, problem.
  83. Nes and Snes emulator disortion/graphic problems Since windows 7
  84. Is it possible to set a max speed limit for VBA?
  85. Emulator Problem: Some thing about Nintendo DS
  86. Help a Pilot: Target Tracking Games??
  87. Problems In Project 64 That Make No Sense
  88. DeSmuMe vs NO$GBA
  89. Project 64 1.7
  90. Project 64 v1.6 problems (n64 Emulator)
  91. New!
  92. Emulator Problem: TGB Dual 7
  93. Emulator Problem: Pokemon White Start Menu
  94. nds emulators links
  95. Emulator Problem: Use R4i Saves with No$GBA
  96. Emulator Problem: Gamecube Emulator Problem will i meet the specs required
  97. with the NDS emulator can you use game saves from your games on the emu
  98. Loading gc saves on wii emulator
  99. Is it possible to emulate Wii games?
  100. I need someone who knows what there doing
  101. Conker's BFD Texture Pack WIP
  102. Game Problem: Certain Games in PJ64 move the controller up continuosly
  103. Import pokemon or exchanging somehow?
  104. Emulator Problem: Trying to battle my own pokemon in fire red using VBA-Link, but getting communication
  105. Emulator Problem: No Video with Glide64 - Help Please
  106. Multiplayer?
  107. Emulator Problem: wii emulator for pc???
  108. Problem on on Digimon Dawn
  109. Emulator Problem: AHH I CANT SAVE .....
  110. Emulator Problem: Help with PJ64 PLZ?
  111. no$gba 2.6a my compatibility list
  112. Emulator Problem: Keyboard
  113. Emulator Problem: IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE.
  114. VBA stuck at SLOW speed
  115. Emulator Problem: Snes9x - Gamepad problem?
  116. Help With Dolphin Emulator
  117. Emulator Problem: 32-Bit Dolphin Emulator
  118. Spoilers Inside: Turok 2
  119. Emulator Problem: VBA Help - Image not found
  120. What is the name of this old NES game?
  121. VBA help please.
  122. Game Problem: Dolphin - Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II
  123. Need help with ROM
  124. Emulator Problem: adding nintendo emulators to my fat ps2
  125. Emulator Problem: Dolphin wont run
  126. Emulator Problem: Keyboard doesnt work on Dolphin?
  127. GameBoy Original Emulator with Multiplayer?
  128. Issue linking VBA over LAN [Error 11004]
  129. Which keys on the Keyboard are the ones you use for the NES control pad?
  130. GameBoy Game connection
  131. VBA newest version help
  132. My Soul Silver crash (not black screen)
  133. Emulator Problem: Can My Laptop Run Zelda Wind Waker Smoothly on the Latest Dolphin Emulator?
  134. will there be a 3DS emulator any time soon?
  135. Emulator Problem: Final Fantasy I NES, most emulators except NEStopia
  136. Desmume Pokemon Sprit Gold emulation problems
  137. As 15-12-2011, what is the best NES emulator?
  138. Please help!!! Losing valuable data
  139. Emulator Problem: Project 64 Question
  140. snes9x on Ubuntu
  141. Emulator Problem: how do i play 2 player on project 64?
  142. let nogba speed reach until 1000% or more!
  143. make dolphin run faster ( no hardware upgrades )
  144. Can I play wiiware games on old dolphin version
  145. nogba white screen problem
  146. Emulator Problem: Dolphin error
  147. How to get orignal Nintedo controller with us to work on nintendo games online
  148. How to use classic nintendo controller with usb
  149. About Nintendo8 site and classic nintendo controller with usb port i just bought
  150. (SNES) Fire Emblem 4 English Patch?
  151. No$gba pokemon Black & white fix!!
  152. Emulator Problem: How do i load .smg files with VBA?
  153. Linking Ds emulator with gba emulator
  154. Xbox 360 controller for Dolphin? (wanna play Sonic Colors).
  155. I found a 3ds emulator!!!!!
  156. Dolphin Emulator Zelda
  157. Emulator Problem: Gamepad #3 and #4 on Snes9x
  158. Computer Problem: Cannot find a working Game Boy Advance emulator for my Macbook Pro
  159. Dolphin - Does Wii disc channel support NTSC?
  160. VirtuaBoyAdvance (Plugin?) Query
  161. zelda no densetsu-the hyrule fantasy
  162. Need some Information from experienced Emulator Users... Nintendo
  163. USB SNES gamepad with emulator?
  164. Nintendo Entertainment System stand alone game recommendations
  165. snes9x map exit and program functions to gamepad?
  166. ESA protected roms
  167. Vba-too much speed!
  168. Vba and Pok?mon Emerald
  169. Emulator Problem: The Game's Sound Crashing & Load Slowly
  170. Emulator Problem: VBA not recognizing .sav file
  171. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons Multiplayer Query
  172. Emulator Problem: Problem with N64 USB controller
  173. Legal queries about roms
  174. Cant get Controller to wrok with Emulator
  175. Emulator Problem: my pokemon diamond.nds not working
  176. Game Problem: Conker's Bad Fur Day
  177. SNESx9
  178. Game Problem: Why is the Majora's Mask ROM so janky? On Project64.
  179. Game Problem: Help with cheats in VBA?
  180. wwf no mercy keyboard controls
  181. Dolphin emulator problems
  182. Emulator Problem: Mac Emulator Problam
  183. N64 roms containing SNES games anyone?
  184. Game Problem: Zelda: Link's AwakeningDX for Visual Boy Advance. No mushroom in Mysterious Woods
  185. TGB Dual help
  186. pokemon!
  187. Emulator Problem: PJ64 - N64 audio problem (my solution)
  188. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons Rings Query
  189. speed trouble!
  190. New Dolphin emulator works slow (Rayman Origins)
  191. Help with desmume wifi connection!
  192. Game Problem: Fire Red Save File Error DIXL
  193. Emulator Problem: Having troubles with the Snes Emulator
  194. Project 64 Wont Read Saves
  195. Issues with Pokemon HeartGold Rom
  196. Pokemon roms
  197. Gamecube emulator - Zelda Windwaker.
  198. Emulator Problem: Sound won't work correctly on Dolphin
  199. how to speed up my cpu
  200. How Do I save my game ? using iDeaS Emulator?
  201. Nintendo 3ds GBA emulation?
  202. KiGB Palettes on Mac
  203. Emulator Problem: Pokemon B/W Freeze
  204. Dolphin emulator Configure Control promlem?
  205. Monster hunter tri lagging
  206. Pokemon black/white online
  207. Emulator Problem: How do I make cheats work for no$gba pokemon ruby
  208. How to install SNES9x?
  209. Questions about SNES ROMS.... Please read! (first post)?
  210. No$gba crash in P'mon Heartgold
  211. DesMuMe Pokemon White + Action Replay Issue
  212. Does the super game boy work with snes?
  213. pokemon black/white start select
  214. Need Help using Saitek Call of Duty controller with project 64?? Anyone know the answ
  215. What is the home page of IDEAS emulator?
  216. Emulator Problem: Help with ERROR:dolphin.exe has stopped working
  217. Which is the best SNES emulator for the DS?
  218. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Forsaken Fortress Query
  219. Emulator Problem: snes9x problem
  220. no$gba help
  221. Pokemon HG/SS finally working without freezes ?
  222. Quesion with DeSmuME emulator
  223. Emulator Problem: DeSmuME - Pokemon Trading? (could not find any recent topics on it)
  224. Game Problem: Need help with this ( Buu's fury - Game problem)
  225. Let's Play Problem
  226. Emulator Problem: How to turn off the cheat mode when used codebreaker code
  227. boktai 2 cheats problem
  228. Re: Having trouble configuring a second controller in Project 64.
  229. 2 games on 2 monitors 1 pc
  230. Emulator Problem: Codes for Leaf Green
  231. Animal Affection not changing in Harvest moon: FoMT
  232. Pokemon HG and Soulsilver
  233. extremely new to emulators
  234. Emulator Problem: 'NO$GBA The rom-image has crashed' Fix
  235. Emulator Problem: Super Mario 74 Koopa The Cheater
  236. Emulator Problem: Nestopia recording video :: where is my Movie Player option gaaaaah!?
  237. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Query
  238. Emulator Problem: Whenever I Try to Record...
  239. nestopia toolbar
  240. Emulator Problem: How do I make the Wii emulator work?
  241. Wanna play Pokemon Black/White and HG/SS on my Laptop
  242. pokemon gba - plz help a noob!
  243. GBA Screen Size
  244. Playing online with Pokemon Black/White
  245. plz help - emulator pokemon trading
  246. Emulator Problem: How to set up pokemon E/S/R and FireRed/LeadGreen on VBA
  247. Game Problem: How to type/write a name for begin save data playing Mario&Sonic Olympic Games 2012
  248. Emulator Problem: Can't get NO$GBA to play any games
  249. So bsnes now blows ZSNES out of the water
  250. Emulator Problem: Dolphin isn't recognizing my gamepad